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How Are Those New Year’s Resolutions Doing?

We hope you had a great holiday season. We sure did. We decided not to make any overly optimistic resolutions this year to avoid the disappointment of failing at them too quickly. So far we’re doing okay. We hope you are too. We know our local gym is doing great with its full parking lot, and we wish all those¬†ambitious people¬†the best. We’ll settle for a few more brisk walks, a few less chocolate sundaes, and a lot more quality time with the family.

Happy family sitting in the carThat last one sure can be elusive, can’t it? No sooner have we put away the holiday decorations than we find ourselves running headlong into new after school activities, playing catch up at work, and generally struggling to make sure we all find the dinner table at about the same time even a few nights.

One thing our family enjoys is the time we set aside for vacations and getaways. Even when we slack a bit on quality family time, our getaways are a time we dedicate to each other and creating fresh memories together. And at Five Star Vacation Rentals, that’s the fun we hope to help families find.

ViewIf you want to try something really exotic, how about planning a family getaway to the white sandy beaches in Nuevo Vallarta? January and February usually have some of the best weather of the year with less rainfall and temperatures¬† hovering in the 70s and 80s. We have over a dozen luxury condos on the beach to choose from, and you’ll enjoy the full resort experience. There are world-class restaurants on site. The shops and great local restaurants are a short cab ride away in Puerto Vallarta. How long has it been since you had fresh lobster while watching the surf? Probably too long.

There are flights daily out of LAX to Nuevo Vallarta, and the resort is a quick caba ride away from the airport. Bring your clubs to enjoy some of the great golfing nearby, and plan on some day trips into Puerto Vallarta for the great selection of gifts and artwork by local artisans. And did we mention the lobster?

Our goal is always to create a pampered feeling that will enhance your stay with us. Check out our Nuevo Vallarta beach condos at this link, or give us a call at 310-780-3411. Check out our Big Bear cabins and luxury estates at this link. And if you’d like to explore any of our other destinations, you can be assured that we’re committed to providing top quality cabins, estates, and condos for your next vacation getaway.  We have offices in Newport Beach and Big Bear. Here are links to our properties in Nuevo Vallarta and La Quinta.


44 Great Reasons to Visit Big Bear in September

September is one of the most popular months to visit Big Bear, and we’ve got 44 great reasons why you should call us right away to book your getaway. ¬†Our 44 reasons are some of Big Bear’s most luxurious and finely furnished vacation rental cabins and estates. ¬†While other families will be plunging into the stress of crowded hotels, loud lobbies, and long waits for restaurant seating, you can make sure your family enjoys the finest quality lodging with a full kitchen and private parking. ¬†Since you’re booking a getaway to relax and enjoy yourselves, why not make sure you can . . . well, relax and enjoy yourselves? ¬†Nothing really compares to the plush relaxation and luxury you’ll enjoy in one of our vacation rental cabins and estates.

September is traditionally the month when fall arrives and provides Southern Californians with a glimpse into the beauty of the changing seasons. ¬†It’s a rare opportunity to show your kids that there’s more to fall than getting an extra hour of sleep when daylight savings time kicks in. ¬†And for the many transplants who moved here from the south and east, it’s a chance to revisit the beauty you may have enjoyed as a kid. ¬†We can think of no better way to enhance the pure relaxation of your visit than to settle in with one of our 44 amazing Big Bear luxury vacation rentals from

Now there’s no sure way to predict exactly when the leaves will start turning colors, but we do have a bunch of great events on the calendar for September that are sure to make your visit a memorable one. ¬†Here’s just a sampling:

In last week’s blog, we detailed the upcoming annual Big Bear Film Festival. ¬†This is always a great event with lots of fun things for folks both in and out of the film industry. It’s an especially important event for anyone looking to break into the film industry, since there will be producers, directors, and big-name talent as well.

Oktoberfest is also coming up in a few weeks with a wide variety of great food and events for every member of the family.  Mom and dad will enjoy some great international beers and cuisine while the kids have plenty of activities geared just for them as well.  And the village overflows with fun shopping and kitschy items that will quickly become treasured mementos of the fun time you had in Big Bear.

Combine these fun events with miles of nature walks, great restaurants, and a top quality Five Star Vacation Rental cabin or estate, and you’ll see there’s really no limit to the fun things to do in Big Bear during September. ¬†Whether you plan to spend your time walking along the trails to drink in the rich sights and smells of fall, or want to jump into the middle of Oktoberfest with its amazing offering, we can assure you your September stay will have you planning your return trip right away.

Be sure to look at all our luxury rentals in Big Bear.  We can also help you book your getaway to one of our other destinations in Park City, Palm Springs/La Quinta, Southern California Beaches, Mammoth Mountain, and Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.  We’re committed to making sure your vacation will be a great memory for your entire family.  Call us at 310-780-3411 for more details or to book with us on the phone.

Plan Your July Big Bear Getaway!

Summer is in full swing, and it’s time to head up to Big Bear for some great family fun. ¬†July is one of our favorite months on the mountain, because there’s so much going on. ¬†Here’s just a sample of the fun you’ll have when you book your July getaway in one of our Five Star Vacation Rental luxury estates and cabins in Big Bear:

July 4th Celebration

Each year Big Bear hosts one of California’s largest fireworks displays, and it’s really an amazing event. ¬†We all love a good fireworks show, but combine that with the beautiful reflections off the lake and the towering pines that ring the horizon, and you’ll soon see why so many people make this short trek every year. ¬†The weather in July is usually great, and you can enjoy a relaxing time away from the heat and smog of the Southland while taking in one of our favorite patriotic holidays.

Take In a Show

Perhaps America’s most popular classic play, Rogers & Hammerstein’s “Oklahoma” is playing throughout July at the Big Bear Performing Arts Center. This play is great for the entire family, so grab your surrey, and make your way through corn that’s as high as . . . well you get the picture! For more details: ¬†

Get Down With Some Bluegrass Music

Big Bear Bluegrass Festival runs July 12, 13 & 14, this year, and offers some of the best boot-stompin’ music to be found anywhere. The festival features fun hayrides and more than a few colorful characters wandering about in overalls with washboards. You’ll be amazed at the great music that can be created with utensils and laundry accessories! This is another event tailor made for the whole family, and we expect that you’ll all be dancin a jig quite soon after the music starts. See more info on their website at

Boating, Fishing, Hiking, Biking . . .

Summer explodes with outdoor activities, so you’ll want to bring comfortable shoes, and plan on spending lots of time exploring. ¬†the Big Bear Zoo continues to offer special activities including feeding tours going behind the scenes with the zookeepers. ¬†Visit for more details. Big Bear Cycling has scheduled events all month long to get you out on the roads with the wind in your face. ¬† Visit their website at¬† for details. ¬† And you can enjoy boating, fishing, swimming, and more on the lake. ¬†It’s a great time to book your stay for a week or longer.

Browse all of our Big Bear cabins on this page.  And for more options, be sure to check out our luxury rentals in  Park City,Palm Springs/La Quinta,  Southern California Beaches,  Mammoth Mountain, and  Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.  Regardless of where you may go, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that Five Star Vacation Rentals is working to make your vacation relaxing and memorable.  We value your vacation time, and are working to make it the best for your family.

More Snow Fun In Big Bear

We’re in the height of snow season, so, if you haven’t already done so, we recommend that you call us to secure your reservation right away. ¬†January is one of our busiest months, and we hate turning guests away! ¬†Call us at 310-780-3411, and we’ll be happy to find the ideal vacation rental cabin for your getaway.

Bear Mountain and Snow Summit

Planning a getaway for some skiing? ¬†Great idea! ¬†Big Bear has terrific skiing available at both Bear Mountain and Snow Summit. ¬†The two slopes are operated in conjunction with each other, so you can ski to your heart’s content at one, and then take a quick trip over to the other. ¬†They even offer a free shuttle service between the two. ¬†All lift tickets work at both locations, so you can just concentrate on getting some serious skiing in. ¬†Several of our properties are within walking distance of the slopes, so you can see how this will make for a perfect ski getaway. ¬†Don’t worry about parking or traffic. ¬†Walk to the slopes, use the free shuttle, and return to your luxury Five Star Vacation cabin rental at the end of the day. ¬†At the end of that day, you ¬†can relax on the plush sofa, close your eyes, and just listen to the crackling fire. ¬†Life really doesn’t get much better than this.

Bear Mountain and Snow Summit limit the number of lift tickets they sell to avoid long wait times. ¬†So be sure to make your plans early, and buy your lift tickets before you go. ¬†Here’s the link to purchase online:¬†

Snow Fun Off the Slopes

While most people think of the great ski slopes when they head to Big Bear for snow play, there’s a lot more to do in the snow without skis.

Big Bear Snow Play is Southern California’s premier downhill inner tube destination. ¬†They have a covered magic carpet lift that transports you to the top of the slope without wearing you out. ¬†For one low entry price, they’ll supply the tube, and you’ll get unlimited runs down the hill. ¬†This is a great choice for families with small children who want to play in the snow, but don’t want to strap skis on the little ones yet. ¬†Visit their website for more details:¬†

The Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain offers an entirely different sort of downhill fun. You kids will get wide-eyed when they realize that you’re taking them for a wild bobsled ride down a banked, twisty hillside track. ¬†It looks and feels almost like the downhill runs in the Olympics, and there’s really nothing like it anywhere else in Southern California. ¬†The runs are open year-round, so even if there’s no snow during your visit, the downhill bobsled runs will be open. ¬†You can get more information on their website: ¬†

But the best part of your Big Bear getaway will surely be the relaxing time you spend in your ¬†luxurious cabin offered by Five Star Vacation Rentals. ¬†We’re convinced that our Big Bear cabins are the finest quality luxury homes you’ll be able to find. ¬†And we’re always working behind the scenes to make sure the properties are all kept in top-notch condition. ¬†We want to make sure that your next call to us will be to book another vacation.

View our Big Bear luxury cabin rentals on this page. ¬†We also have luxury vacation rental homes available¬†¬†in¬†Park City,Palm Springs/La Quinta,¬†Southern California Beaches,¬†Mammoth Mountain, and¬†Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. ¬†Each of our vacation rentals is sure to provide your family a vacation you’ll remember fondly for years to come. ¬†Call us at 310-800-5454, and we’ll help you book your next getaway.



New Year’s Resolutions From Five Star Vacation Rentals

In just a few days we’ll be ringing in the new year. ¬†It’s a time that most of us look forward to a fresh beginning. ¬†For most of us, we’re vowing to lose weight, spend less time watching television, and exercise more. ¬†Yawn.

But we here at Five Star Vacation Rentals want to encourage you to break out and make some new resolutions. Climb out of your yearly rut and embrace new resolutions. Exercise boldness!  Here is our list of completely unbiased and self-serving resolutions.  Please write these down:

1.  Learn To Ski

There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you never learned to ski. Sure, lots of people were skiing before they could ride a bike, but that’s okay. ¬† This is why all the major ski resorts offer ski lessons for all age ranges. ¬†Make this the year that you finally strap on a pair of skis and learn why so many people are so passionate about this hobby. ¬†All of the ski resorts near our vacation rentals offer lessons for beginning skiers.

In Big Bear, Snow Mountain offers group and private lessons for both skiing and snow boarding. ¬†This is gonna be fun. Click here for more info. ¬†Here’s our page of Big Bear luxury vacation rentals. ¬†Most of them have hot tubs, so you can relax it the soothing warm water if you get any bumps or bruises.

Book your stay at one of our Mammoth Mountain condos first, then make arrangements for your ski lessons.  Mammoth Mountain offers private and group lessons for both kids and adults.  Visit their website at this link for more details.

Visit our Park City, Utah condo, and you’ll be facing some of the best skiing found anywhere. ¬†And they also ¬†have lessons for all age and skill levels. ¬†Here’s the link to their page. ¬†View more details about our Park City condo on this page.

2.  Ski More Next Year

Already know how to ski, but haven’t been able to get away enough? ¬†Resolve that you will ski more, and we’ll help you with this resolution. ¬†January is one of our biggest months for skiing. ¬†There’s really nothing as relaxing or exhilarating as a good fast run down the slopes. You need to get away more often.

Big Bear is our most popular ski getaway. ¬†View our Big Bear vacation rental cabins at this link. ¬†We also have units available at Mammoth Mountain. ¬†Here’s the link to our Mammoth Mountain vacation rentals. ¬†And we have a great cabin available in Park City, Utah as well. ¬†Here’ the link to our Park City condo.

3.  Golf More Next Year

You can golf year round at our Palm Springs/La Quinta and¬†Villa La Estancia, Mexico properties. ¬†Once the snow melts, you can visit any of our properties. ¬†If your spouse loves golf, but struggles to find time for it, we can help. ¬†We’ll work with you to build a perfect golf getaway you can surprise them with for their birthday, your anniversary, or Valentine’s Day.

4.  Take a Beachfront Family Vacation in Exotic Mexico

We have over a dozen luxury units available right on the beach outside Puerto Nuevo Mexico.  Villa La Estancia is a world-class resort destination that boasts 2 gourmet restaurants on site, several pools, as well as a full spa.  And just a short cab ride away, you can enjoy the local flavor of Puerto Vallarta with amazing food and great shopping including exotic products made by local artisans.  All major Southern California airports offer direct flights, so you can be there within a couple hours and start enjoying the fun.  Visit our Villa La Estancia page at this link for more details.

5. Teach the kids fishing, mountain biking or boating

Some of the best memories most of us have from our childhoods are when our parents taught us something new and fun. ¬†Big Bear is a great destination for this. ¬†There’s a virtually unlimited number of new activities you can do in Big Bear. ¬†Big Bear Lake has rentals for all sorts of boats to take the family out on the lake. ¬†You can also rent bikes at Bear Valley Bikes. ¬†Bear Valley Bikes have bikes suitable for mom and dad as well as the kids, so you can hit the trails and explore the forest around Big Bear. ¬†Heck, you can even have some fun teaching the kids how to bowl at The Bowling Barn.

6.  Spend More Quality Time With Your Family

This is really what we hope to provide to all our guests. ¬†It’s fun to find an excuse to get away for a family vacation, but the only one you really need is the desire to spend some time with your family away from the pulls of work and your other commitments. ¬†Our kids grow up fast, and we miss too much if we don’t make plans to enjoy their childhoods while we can. ¬†Don’t let another year slip by without getting in some good vacation time with your family.

7.  Be Thankful

We may be a vacation rental company, but we really feel we’re in the business of recharging batteries. ¬†In the pressure of our daily lives, we often get distracted by the temporary pressures that tend to drive much of the things we do each day. ¬†A family vacation gives us a chance to wind down, and embrace the things that are most important. ¬†We can look at our kids playing a game of checkers in the corner, and have our hearts fill with gratitude for the many gifts we enjoy. ¬†And that is the most important resolution of all. ¬†Be thankful for all that you’ve been given.

Five Star Vacation Rentals would like to thank all our friends and guests who helped to give us so much to be grateful for in 2012. ¬†We wish each of you a wonderful 2013 filled with prosperity and quality time to spend with your family and friends. ¬†Please call us at 310-780-3411, and we’ll help you put together a great vacation that will be a wonderful time for your family.





December Events in Big Bear

December is one of the most magical months to visit Big Bear. ¬†Most years we’ve had snow on and off for a few weeks, and the holidays are right around the corner. ¬†We recommend you book your December getaway early to make sure you get the right cabin. ¬†Here are a few things to look forward to during your Big Bear stay in one of our vacation rental cabins:

Skiing.  Lots of Sking

December usually has good skiing conditions at Bear Mountain and Snow Summit. We’re often busiest on the weekends, so there can be shorter lift waits during the week. ¬†We may also have a wider selection of cabins available during the week as well. ¬†Give us a call a 310-780-3411 and we’ll help you pick out the best cabin for your getaway. There’s really nothing like having fun all day on the slopes and then have the pleasure arriving back at your luxurious cabin to relax and prepare to do it all again the next day.

Gather Your Little Animal Lovers

The Big Bear Alpine Zoo has some great events planned for December. ¬†At noon each day one of the zoo keepers will bring out one of the animals to allow a closer look and provide more details. ¬†It could be an owl, a raccoon, or even an eagle. ¬†Then later at 3pm, you’ll have a chance to follow one of the zookeepers as they make their rounds feeding the animals. ¬†It’s a great time to learn more about many of the animals and get a behind-the-scenes view of running the zoo. ¬†There’s no extra charge for these activities, so you may want to head over at noon and stay past 3pm. ¬†The zoo is centrally located to much of Big Bear. ¬†Here’s a map to the zoo.

Free Nature Walks at the Big Bear Discovery Center

This is another great family outing. ¬†The Discovery center hosts 30 minute walks each weekend that describe some of the plants, animals, and history of Big Bear. ¬†The walks are great for families with kids of all ages. ¬†The walks are not strenuous, so even the little ones can have a grand time exploring some forest trails. ¬†For specific times and location, visit the Discovery Center’s website at¬†, or give them a call at¬†(909) 382-2790.

Enjoy a Night Out With “Oliver”

Big Bear’s community theater group has its holiday performances of “Oliver” playing the end of November through December 1st and 2nd. This is a real crowd-pleaser, and one that is designed to keep the entire family entertained. ¬†Visit their website at¬†, or call the box office at¬†(909) 866-4970. ¬†If your kids have never had the fun of enjoying live theater, this can be an amazing treat performed by a group of local artists.

Isn't it time to introduce your kids to Frosty?

A White Christmas for Your Family

Many of us in Southern California hardly ever see snow other than on TV. ¬†But there is a real joy to be found in gathering with family and friends in the snowy mountains of Big Bear. ¬†Even if you don’t plan on skiing, a Christmas in Big Bear may well be one that creates a lifetime of great memories for your family. ¬†And if you book early enough, you may be able to get one of our larger cabins that will have room for up to 16 family members. ¬† City kids will delight at being able to run outside and build their first snowman. ¬†If their feet and noses start getting too cold, they can run back in and get warmed up in front of the fireplace. ¬†When their friends ask them about their Christmas vacation, they’ll have lots of great memories to tell.

Call us at 310-780-3411 to book your December getaway.  Winter is always our busiest time, so we encourage you to make your plans early for the best selection among our luxury cabins. Browse all of our Big Bear cabins on this page.  If you’re looking for a getaway someplace else, please be sure to look at our luxury rentals in  Park City,Palm Springs/La Quinta,  Southern California Beaches,  Mammoth Mountain, and  Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.  Regardless of where you may go, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that Five Star Vacation Rentals is working to make your vacation relaxing and memorable.  We know that your vacation time is very special.

Be sure to check back next week. ¬†We’ll have more things to do during your December getaway to Big Bear.

Welcome Our Newest Big Bear Vacation Rental Cabin

At Five Star Vacation Rentals, we’re always on the lookout for distinctive properties we can offer to our guests. ¬†We’re very choosy, so we can make sure you’ll find the finest quality and top notch luxury¬†regardless of which of our properties you may choose,. ¬†Our newest property is “Grand Lakefront,” and it meets our standards without any exception.

Located right on the lake, this amazing property is nestled in Big Bear’s most exclusive neighborhood. It’s perched on a hill overlooking the lake and includes 250 feet of lake frontage. ¬†As you walk through the front door, you’ll realize the genius of the architect’s attention to design. ¬†The entire home is built to accentuate the amazing lake views. ¬†The home is constructed of full-round lodgepole pine logs from Montana. ¬†The builder fully assembled the home first in Montana to check for a perfect fit. ¬†The home was then disassembled, transported, and reassembled on the present site. ¬†It’s a very expensive way to build a home. ¬†But when you’re concerned with getting every last detail absolutely correct, it starts to make sense. ¬†As you spend time in this beautiful home, you’ll begin to notice all the details that showcase the craftsmanship required to build it. ¬†See more information¬†on our Grand Lakefront page.

The home has 3 bedrooms and 3-1/2 bathrooms with room for 10 guests. Two of the bedrooms open onto the outdoor patio, so it’s perfect for large parties or two families to share, so they can stay up as late as they want or sleep late without disturbing the other guests. ¬†And when you step out on the patio, you’ll be looking out over the lake and the colorful custom landscaping. ¬†The home is professionally decorated to enhance the feeling that you’re in your own private mountain lodge. ¬† The gourmet kitchen will be a delight to the chef in your family, and you can enjoy your meals out on the wonderful viewing patio while you enjoy the warmth of the massive outdoor stone fireplace.

As the glow from the fire grows dim late in the evening, you can gather the kids for some star gazing. ¬†Enjoy locating the constellations, and watch as a steady parade of shooting stars makes their appearance. ¬†We’re convinced this will be a home you’ll want to visit again and again. ¬†Here are some more details:

Bedroom #1 King with viewing window and private bath.
Bedroom #2 Queen with entrance to outdoor patio.
Bedroom #3 2 Queen with entrance to outdoor patio.
Large loft with 2 twin
Queen pull out sofa in gathering room

Full round log home
3.5 bathrooms
Outdoor Jacuzzi
Boat Dock
Fully Equipped Kitchen
2 large screen TV’s
Surround Sound
Outdoor Stereo Sound
Wireless Internet
Game Room with ping pong table, darts, pool table, and game table
Walk in closets
Beautiful furnishings
Washer and Dryer
Huge outdoor patio with fireplace off kitchen
Huge patio with Jacuzzi off gathering room
Large patio Lakeside
Beautiful Professionally Landscaped Grounds

Give us a call at 310-780-3411 to book your stay at this lovely home. ¬†If you’d like to view our other Big Bear vacation rental cabins, visit our Big Bear page at this link. ¬†Planning a vacation somewhere else? ¬†We’ve got luxury vacation rentals available in Park City,¬†Palm Springs/La Quinta,¬† Southern California Beaches,¬† Mammoth Mountain, and¬† Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. We realize that you get very little vacation time each year, so we’re dedicated to insuring that your time spent in one of our luxury rentals will have you enjoying every possible moment. ¬†Call us today, and we’ll help you plan the vacation of a lifetime.

Planning Your Big Bear Ski Getaway With Five Star Vacation Rentals

Well, the kids and their crazy costumes have come and gone. ¬†The seasonal changing of our clocks is just a couple days away, and it’s time for serious skiers to get about planning their first big ski getaway for the season. ¬†And we’re here to help you choose the best vacation rental for your getaway.

Planning a Big Bear Ski Getaway

It's time to teach the kids to ski!

Big Bear is certainly our most popular winter getaway. People travel from all over the world to enjoy the amazing slopes each winter. And the community of Big Bear is one of the most desirable for the time you’ll spend off the slopes as well.

When you’re hitting the slopes, you’ll find downhill runs catered for all skill levels. It’s a great opportunity for a family outing to spend time with your kids teaching them a hobby they’ll enjoy for the rest of their lives. Years from now, you’ll probably smile when your kids tell the story of the first time mom or dad took them skiing. For a parent, there are few memories more joyous than the excited giggles of your children tumbling in the snow as they try out skis for the first time. And no matter how cold and wet you may get, you can retreat to the warm luxury of your Five Star Vacation Rental just a few minutes away from the slopes. Cold toes and frozen noses will soon evaporate into the warmth of a roaring fire or a steaming hot tub. Early the next day the kids will likely wake you up by bouncing on your bed, begging for you to rush them back to the slopes again. These are the moments that make parenting worthwhile.

We suggest choosing one of two approaches for your ski getaway. ¬†If your vacation time is not flexible, call us today and we’ll work with you to find the best cabin for the size of your group and whatever amenities you’d prefer on the specific dates you wish. ¬†If you have some flexibility and can getaway at the last moment, give us a call when you’re ready. ¬†We’ll find whatever last-minute vacation rental cabins may be available for your stay. ¬†Either way, we’ll work with you to get a great cabin at a great rate.

The ride up is almost as much fun as the ride down.

Snow Summit usually opens sometime during November. ¬†The first runs last year started on about the 10th of November. ¬†Watch the weather reports, and be sure to call us as soon as you get your dates. ¬†Our cabins fill up fast once the skiing begins. ¬† As the season progresses, we’ll be sure to blog details about all the winter fun available in Big Bear beyond the slopes. ¬†Many of our winter guests in Big Bear have a wonderful time without ever putting on a pair of skis.

And don’t forget that we have amazing luxury rentals available in several more locations as well. ¬†If you’re planning your winter getaway somewhere other than Big Bear, we can help as well in the following areas:¬† Park City, Utah, Palm Springs/La Quinta,¬† Southern California Beaches,¬† Mammoth Mountain, and¬† Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. At Five Star Vacation Rentals we realize that your time away on vacation is important, and we treat it that way. We are constantly working to ensure that your stay in one of our luxury rentals is an experience you’ll always remember fondly and want to repeat often.

Call us today at 310-780-3411 to book your next getaway.

Planning the Perfect Oktoberfest Getaway

Oktoberfest Is Here!

Tomorrow is the opening day of Oktoberfest, and it will continue to run through October 27th. ¬†Have you made your plans yet? ¬†This is one of the year’s biggest events in Big Bear, and it’s something that many families make a regular yearly tradition. ¬†If you’ve never been, it will take just one visit to see why it is so popular.

This weekend opens with a salute to America’s Heros. ¬†Past and present military, law enforcement and fire fighters will get free admission. ¬†There will be a special opening ceremony on Saturday night to offer thanks for the sacrifice of these brave men and women.

The fun of Oktoberfest starts each Saturday at noon with German bands, polka dances, and events for the entire family.  There can be some pretty big crowds, so here are a few suggestions to make your weekend more enjoyable.

Buy your tickets in advance

There can be a line to buy tickets during peak hours, so one quick way to get the fun started right away is buy your tickets in advance.  There are a variety of ticket prices and packages available, and you can purchase them at this link:

Come hungry!

Did we mention the beer?

One of the great delights about Oktoberfest is the wonderful food. ¬†From amazingly tender pork roast to consistent favorites like the¬†German Sausage Sandwich, you can count on finding so many food options that you’ll want to stay longer just to sample more of the wonderful cuisine. ¬†Knockwurst, bratwurst, and Polish sausage abound, and virtually every dish will be topped with generous amounts of German potato salad and¬†sauerkraut.

For the less adventurous among you, there’s also a full American menu available with hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries and the like.

Come thirsty!

There are over a dozen different beers to choose from as well as a good supply of wine too.  O’Doul’s Free Shuttle will be operating each evening offering a free ride back to your cabin from the festivities.

And when you finish sampling the amazing food and drink at Oktoberfest, be sure to visit the¬†visit the Budenstrasse (Avenue of the Booths). ¬†These shops offer an amazing assortment of fine chocolates, beef jerky, kites, old fashion clothes, gifts and artwork. ¬†The Avenue of the Booths is an especially big hit with the kids. ¬†You’ll find face painting, bounce houses, pony rides, and a petting zoo.

Be prepared to laugh and enjoy yourself

The entertainment never ends during Oktoberfest. ¬†There are fun contests for the entire family as well as bands and dancing. ¬†It’s a great time for the family to just relax have some ¬†real fun. ¬†Sundays are family day with half price adult admission and free for children 12 and under. The Children‚Äôs contests including Pretzel Eating and Boot Holding. Children‚Äôs contests take place at approximately 3:00 p.m. on Sundays and are free for children.

Enjoy it all from the comfort of your Big Bear Five Star Vacation Rental Cabin

Oktoberfest is even more enjoyable when you stay in one of our luxurious Big Bear Vacation Rental Cabins. ¬†We still have a number of cabins available, so give us a call at 310-800-5454. ¬†We’ll be happy to help you put together your first or fifteenth visit to Oktoberfest. ¬†Browse all of our Big Bear cabins on this page.

We also have vacation rentals available  in Park City,Palm Springs/La Quinta, Southern California Beaches, Mammoth Mountain, and Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.  And we specialize in helping our guests create vacations with memories that will last a lifetime.

If You Stay In a Hotel Instead of a Five Star Vacation Rental Your Car Insurance May Go Up

Summer is quickly passing by, and you have yet to plan your family vacation. That’s okay; we’re here to help. But you must listen to what we say, or you could end up with a life of regret. Seriously.

You take a real gamble with your vacation when you stay anywhere else but in one of our luxurious rental properties. ¬†Aside from the fact that our feelings will be deeply hurt, you could well be destined for a real vacation nightmare. In an earlier blog we detailed the heartache you’ll face before you even get to sleep on your first day in a hotel vacation. We start this week’s blog on the night you arrive at your hotel after you’ve finally got the entire family in bed. It’s been a long day, and the family finally starts drifting off to sleep.

Be sure to ask for extra pillows. You're going to need them.

A few moments after you start to swim out into the warm fluffy ocean of vacation dreams, you learn that 4am is the exact right time for members of the¬†Audubon Society to embark on their birdwatching trek for the day. ¬†Now fully awake, again, the entire family listens intently as the birdwatchers slowly file past your room with each practicing a specific bird call they will be using to coax birds closer throughout the day. ¬†While you’d really rather be sleeping, ¬†you are all astonished at the amazing variety of bird calls produced by the 150 or so bird lovers passing just outside your door. ¬†And as the hallway finally begins to quiet down, your room begins to brighten up. ¬†The sun is rising on the first full day of your vacation.

When Timmy doesn't sleep well, he's grumpy all day

The entire family is grumpy, tired, and hungry. But since you’re not in one of our luxurious Five Star Vacation Rentals, there is no kitchen, no refrigerator, and no microwave. You’ve got to trek outside in search of food.

But first you have to find your car. A late-model white SUV sure seemed like a good idea at the dealership when you bought it, but now you’re looking at a sea of them in the hotel parking lot. No worry. You pull out your key dongle and holding it high above your head you trigger the car’s alarm. You hear a distant honking and start working toward the sound. In almost no time at all, you find your car. Unfortunately, you also find that some lovesick teenager has scratched the message, ‚ÄúI hate you Brad‚ÄĚ across the hood of your car. It seems Brad also drives a late-model white SUV, and his ex-girlfriend is no better at finding his car than you were at finding yours. ¬†Oh well.

Undaunted, you pile the family into the car and commence your search for food. You’re determined to make this a fun day. You tell them to look on the bright side. At least you’re not Brad, and your car insurance rates had to go up eventually anyway.

Is this really what you had in mind?

Most families get only one vacation a year, and many families can only get away once every few years or so. Your vacation time is too important to leave to chance. Every year families return from vacations with stories of fun things they did, but all too often these stories are tempered with tales of horrible hotel rooms, noisy neighbors and lousy parking. So let’s divide up your vacation and make sure this one is a winner. You start planning for fun things to do in one of our many destinations, and we’ll be sure to have only the most luxurious quality cabins, condos and homes ready for you when you arrive. Almost all of our units offer private parking in only the best neighborhoods. We promise that your car will not be marred with the message, ‚ÄúI hate you Brad,‚ÄĚ or we’ll give you your money back. Honest.

This is not our actual staff, but we answer our phones just like these people

In the meantime, please call us at 310-780-3411 to book your vacation getaway. Browse all of our Big Bear cabins on this page.  If you’re planning a vacation somewhere other than Big Bear, please be sure to look at our luxury rentals in Park City,Palm Springs/La Quinta, Southern California Beaches, Mammoth Mountain, and Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.  Regardless of where you may go, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that Five Star Vacation Rentals is working to make your vacation relaxing and memorable.

It’s our goal to make sure that you enjoy your second, third, and fourth stay with us even more than your first.