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Take To The Lake — And To the Land!

September is one of the best months for activities on Big Bear Lake as we enjoy the last of the warmer weather before the onset of fall. ¬†At the peak of summer, the lake water can get in the low 70¬į range. ¬†This is great weather for boating, fishing, and even swimming on the lake. ¬†It’s a great opportunity for your family to “dive in” and enjoy some of the great water activities on Big Bear Lake.


Thursdays offers ladies only a fun time with the “Babes on Boards” potluck and paddle board event at Captain John’s Fawn Harbor and Marina. ¬†This fun event is limited to ladies only, and we’re told it’s an absolute blast. Be sure to call ahead for details, as there is an age requirement. Contact Serena Saunders at 909-866-6478 for more details.

The entire family can enjoy stand up paddle boarding with mid-week rentals at Captain John’s. Paddle boarding is great fun, and definitely gets easier the more you practice. And with the warmer lake water this time of year, you won’t suffer at all when you slip into the water.

Want to just spend some time on the lake? You can rent anything from a little canoe to a 12 person boat at Captain John’s. Spending an afternoon just drifting around the lake with no real destination can be amazingly relaxing. Grab a good book, some cool refreshments and a light lunch. You’ll quickly find the gentle lapping of the lake water against the hull of the boat to be supremely relaxing.

September usually offers some good trout and bass fishing, so we recommend all anglers pack their gear to enjoy some fun as well. ¬†There’s nothing quite like serving up the amazingly fresh catch of the day when you were the one to catch it. ¬†Our luxury Big Bear vacation rental cabins and estates all have full kitchens with the utensils you’ll need to cook up a gourmet meal.

If you choose to venture off the lake, there are some very special events taking place in Big Bear during September. ¬†The annual Oktoberfest celebration kicks off September 13th and runs weekends through October 25th. ¬†Many of our guests make this an annual event. ¬†Oktoberfest brings great fun to town. ¬†It’s that time of year you can sample dozens of exotic beers from around the world, and polka till you just can’t polka any more. ¬†The kids will have a great time as well with dance contests and tons of activities just for them. ¬†Bratwurst, sauerkraut, beer, and polka. ¬†There are few things needed beyond these to enjoy a fulfilled life. ¬†Except maybe some quality time in a Five Star Vacation Rental cabin in Big Bear. ¬†And lederhosen.

September 19 – 21st Big Bear hosts the 15th annual International Film Festival. ¬†This event keeps getting bigger every year, and it’s a great time for film buffs. ¬†You’ll get a chance to do some star gazing, since we usually see a handful of famous actors in town for the event. ¬†There are over 100 films screened during the festival, and you can also participate in seminars and panels for both film makers and film fans alike. ¬†Be sure to book your cabin and get your tickets in advance. ¬†It’s a busy weekend, and we often get booked up in advance.

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September in Big Bear. Plant This In Your Mind.

Well, the kids are back in school or will be in a few days. ¬†It’s time to surrender to the more mundane aspects of a weekly schedule that includes early morning roundups of kids, backpacks, lunches, puppies and car keys. ¬†Why is it that the car keys are always someplace new? ¬†Maybe we should devote an entire blog to that topic. ¬†But not this one.

Your bodies may well be going through the motions of a post-summer reality, but there’s really no reason to surrender your mind to this eventuality. ¬†Much of your daily routine can be handled quite well without devoting your entire attention to it, right? ¬†Spreadsheets and calendars already have boxes on them, and you just need to punch in a bit of text. ¬†Heck, most of those reports you’re preparing can practically write themselves. ¬†And unless you really are a brain surgeon or rocket scientist, this really isn’t brain surgery or rocket science. ¬†So why not allow your mind to continue in summer vacation mode for a while longer? ¬†We can’t think of any compelling reason to pull you back. ¬†In fact, we’ve cooked up a few reasons that you should remain in vacation mode for at least another several weeks. ¬†Take a look at some of the fun things that you can do in Big Bear in September:

Oktoberfest is back! It starts September 13th and runs weekends through October 25th. ¬†This annual event if one of our most popular, and it’s absolutely a great time for the entire family. ¬†There’s beer, brats, more beer, great ethnic costumes, more beer, games for the kids, dancing, beer, and pretzels. ¬†And did we mention beer? ¬†Even if you’re not a big beer drinker, Oktoberfest in Big Bear is great fun. ¬†The food is just amazing, and there are so many fun things to do with lots of great little shops and stalls to visit as well. ¬†Grab your sweetie, and prepare to polka! Will you please pick up one of those cool little caps with the feather in it for us?

September 19-21 also sees the arrival of the 15th annual Big Bear Film Festival. This is a great event for film buffs of all stripes. ¬†You can rub elbows with industry leaders, and there’s usually some great star gazing if you can peer behind that sea of over-size sun glasses to pick out the “A” listers that fly into town for the occasion. ¬†This is a very popular event, and you should get your tickets in advance. ¬†This year there will be over 115 movies shown at different venues around town, and there will be a great selection of 3D films to choose from as well. ¬†You can buy your tickets at this link.

There’s really no better way to enhance your enjoyment of these September events in Big Bear than with a luxury vacation cabin or estate from Five Star Vacation Rentals. ¬†We have assembled dozens of the finest, most luxurious properties to be found anywhere in Big Bear. ¬†You can spend your days taking in some of the cutting edge films or sampling international beers, but spend your nights in the comfort and luxury of your Five Star Vacation Rental. ¬†It’s a perfect combination. ¬†Spend all day on your feet having fun, and prop up your feet at night in your luxury vacation rental. ¬†Check out our Big Bear vacation rental cabins and estates at this link.

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44 Great Reasons to Visit Big Bear in September

September is one of the most popular months to visit Big Bear, and we’ve got 44 great reasons why you should call us right away to book your getaway. ¬†Our 44 reasons are some of Big Bear’s most luxurious and finely furnished vacation rental cabins and estates. ¬†While other families will be plunging into the stress of crowded hotels, loud lobbies, and long waits for restaurant seating, you can make sure your family enjoys the finest quality lodging with a full kitchen and private parking. ¬†Since you’re booking a getaway to relax and enjoy yourselves, why not make sure you can . . . well, relax and enjoy yourselves? ¬†Nothing really compares to the plush relaxation and luxury you’ll enjoy in one of our vacation rental cabins and estates.

September is traditionally the month when fall arrives and provides Southern Californians with a glimpse into the beauty of the changing seasons. ¬†It’s a rare opportunity to show your kids that there’s more to fall than getting an extra hour of sleep when daylight savings time kicks in. ¬†And for the many transplants who moved here from the south and east, it’s a chance to revisit the beauty you may have enjoyed as a kid. ¬†We can think of no better way to enhance the pure relaxation of your visit than to settle in with one of our 44 amazing Big Bear luxury vacation rentals from

Now there’s no sure way to predict exactly when the leaves will start turning colors, but we do have a bunch of great events on the calendar for September that are sure to make your visit a memorable one. ¬†Here’s just a sampling:

In last week’s blog, we detailed the upcoming annual Big Bear Film Festival. ¬†This is always a great event with lots of fun things for folks both in and out of the film industry. It’s an especially important event for anyone looking to break into the film industry, since there will be producers, directors, and big-name talent as well.

Oktoberfest is also coming up in a few weeks with a wide variety of great food and events for every member of the family.  Mom and dad will enjoy some great international beers and cuisine while the kids have plenty of activities geared just for them as well.  And the village overflows with fun shopping and kitschy items that will quickly become treasured mementos of the fun time you had in Big Bear.

Combine these fun events with miles of nature walks, great restaurants, and a top quality Five Star Vacation Rental cabin or estate, and you’ll see there’s really no limit to the fun things to do in Big Bear during September. ¬†Whether you plan to spend your time walking along the trails to drink in the rich sights and smells of fall, or want to jump into the middle of Oktoberfest with its amazing offering, we can assure you your September stay will have you planning your return trip right away.

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Big Bear Film Festival Arrives September 20th-22nd

The fourteenth annual Big Bear Lake International Film Festival will be rolling out the red carpet on the weekend of September 20th through the 22nd. ¬†The festival has earned rave reviews over the years including being named as one of the top 50 film festivals world wide. ¬†That’s quite an honor considering there are nearly 5000 different festivals around the globe each year. If you’re a film maker or a film buff, it’s one of the most exciting events of the year, and a must-see.

This year’s festival promises to continue the traditional mix of independent feature-length films, documentaries, student films, High School student films, short films, family films, animation, 3-D Short Films, films made by Big Bear locals, and a screenwriting competition. Juried and audience film awards will be presented. Aspiring filmmakers will be given the opportunity to attend lectures by industry professionals and participate in networking events. The festival draws some of Hollywood’s best and brightest, so don’t be surprised if you spot one of your favorite stars strolling the street this weekend.

"A Separate Life" filming in Cabin 1
"A Separate Life" filming in Cabin 1

The film festival is of particular interest to us here at Five Star Vacation Rentals, because a member of our family of properties has actually appeared at the festival. ¬†Our cabin #1 on the slopes at Bear Mountain played a supporting role in the recent indie film, “A Separate Life.” ¬†Many of the interiors were filmed in the cabin, and several key scenes were filmed on the porch. ¬†We’re still busting with pride about it. ¬†The film went on to win a number of awards as an indie film, and is now under development for mainstream release. ¬†We feel like very proud parents indeed. ¬†You can watch the film’s trailer at this link.

Of course our serious film buffs will want to be sure to reserve this cabin-turned-movie-star right away to round out the full experience of the weekend film festival. But if that one is reserved before you get a chance to grab it, don’t despair. We’ve got a few dozen other luxurious Big Bear vacation rental cabins and estates to choose from. ¬†If you’re serious about breaking into the film industry, you’ll make a much better impression pitching your script around the fireplace in your luxury cabin than you will in the noisy lobby of a crowded hotel. ¬†We recommend you make your plans early, as we’re anticipating we’ll be fully booked that weekend. ¬†Call us at 310-780-3411 and we’ll help you find the perfect cabin or estate for your getaway.

And if you’d like to explore any of our other destinations, you can be assured that we’re committed to providing top quality cabins, estates, and condos for your next vacation getaway.  Here are links to our other properties in  Park City, Utah, Palm Springs/La Quinta,  Southern California Beaches,  Mammoth Mountain, and Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.


Oktoberfest Is Just Around the Corner. Book Your Vacation Rental Cabin Early

We’re getting a jump on September events in Big Bear, because the month is packed with some of our most popular of the year. ¬†If you’ve never visited Big Bear during September, it’s a real treat as the leaves begin to turn with the evenings become cooler. ¬†And every September we’re excited to welcome back Southern California’s most popular Oktoberfest celebration.

Big Bear’s first Oktoberfest was celebrated back in 1971, and it grows in popularity and attendance each year. ¬†This year’s celebration commences September 14th and continues for 7 consecutive weekends through October 27th. ¬†Many of our guests make it an annual rite of fall to reserve their favorite cabin and spend some time drinking in (literally and figuratively!) the fun and culture of the event. ¬†Once you attend, you’ll soon see why.

This year’s celebration will continue the tradition of offering some of the world’s finest German beers, bratwursts, sauerkraut, and apple strudel. ¬†Big Bear prides itself as one of the country’s most authentic Oktoberfests with much of the cuisine and brews created by German brewers, bakers, and butchers. ¬†The list of tasty ales keeps expanding each year, and you can count on finding brews ranging from traditional German varieties to yummy flavored beers including lemonade, pumpkin, raspberry and more. ¬†You haven’t fully lived until you’ve sampled a steaming hot fresh bratwurst washed down with an icy cold authentic German beer. ¬†If you’re not drooling, check your pulse.

And you’ll have plenty of opportunity to work off your meals with lots of dancing and unique shopping booths to stroll through as well. ¬†If you’ve been searching for an excuse to break out your lederhosen and get down to some serious German fun, this is it.

Oktoberfest is always a busy time for us here at Five Star Vacation Rentals, so we recommend that you get your reservation in early. ¬†And be sure to ask about a discount for weekly rentals if you want to stay longer to enjoy some of the other September events. ¬† Check back for next Friday’s blog with details about this year’s Big Bear International Film Festival.

You can view all our Big Bear cabins at this link, or call us at a 310-780-3411. ¬†We’ll be happy to help you put together the ideal Oktoberfest getaway. ¬†And while Big Bear is certainly our favorite spot to celebrate Oktoberfest, you can also enjoy great beer and fine dining at any of our other destinations including¬†Park City,¬†Palm Springs/La Quinta,¬†Southern California Beaches,¬†Mammoth Mountain, and¬†Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. ¬†Regardless of which one of our luxury getaway locations you choose, you can be assured that we’re working to make sure your vacation will be one you’ll want to repeat again every year.