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Take To The Lake — And To the Land!

September is one of the best months for activities on Big Bear Lake as we enjoy the last of the warmer weather before the onset of fall. ¬†At the peak of summer, the lake water can get in the low 70¬į range. ¬†This is great weather for boating, fishing, and even swimming on the lake. ¬†It’s a great opportunity for your family to “dive in” and enjoy some of the great water activities on Big Bear Lake.


Thursdays offers ladies only a fun time with the “Babes on Boards” potluck and paddle board event at Captain John’s Fawn Harbor and Marina. ¬†This fun event is limited to ladies only, and we’re told it’s an absolute blast. Be sure to call ahead for details, as there is an age requirement. Contact Serena Saunders at 909-866-6478 for more details.

The entire family can enjoy stand up paddle boarding with mid-week rentals at Captain John’s. Paddle boarding is great fun, and definitely gets easier the more you practice. And with the warmer lake water this time of year, you won’t suffer at all when you slip into the water.

Want to just spend some time on the lake? You can rent anything from a little canoe to a 12 person boat at Captain John’s. Spending an afternoon just drifting around the lake with no real destination can be amazingly relaxing. Grab a good book, some cool refreshments and a light lunch. You’ll quickly find the gentle lapping of the lake water against the hull of the boat to be supremely relaxing.

September usually offers some good trout and bass fishing, so we recommend all anglers pack their gear to enjoy some fun as well. ¬†There’s nothing quite like serving up the amazingly fresh catch of the day when you were the one to catch it. ¬†Our luxury Big Bear vacation rental cabins and estates all have full kitchens with the utensils you’ll need to cook up a gourmet meal.

If you choose to venture off the lake, there are some very special events taking place in Big Bear during September. ¬†The annual Oktoberfest celebration kicks off September 13th and runs weekends through October 25th. ¬†Many of our guests make this an annual event. ¬†Oktoberfest brings great fun to town. ¬†It’s that time of year you can sample dozens of exotic beers from around the world, and polka till you just can’t polka any more. ¬†The kids will have a great time as well with dance contests and tons of activities just for them. ¬†Bratwurst, sauerkraut, beer, and polka. ¬†There are few things needed beyond these to enjoy a fulfilled life. ¬†Except maybe some quality time in a Five Star Vacation Rental cabin in Big Bear. ¬†And lederhosen.

September 19 – 21st Big Bear hosts the 15th annual International Film Festival. ¬†This event keeps getting bigger every year, and it’s a great time for film buffs. ¬†You’ll get a chance to do some star gazing, since we usually see a handful of famous actors in town for the event. ¬†There are over 100 films screened during the festival, and you can also participate in seminars and panels for both film makers and film fans alike. ¬†Be sure to book your cabin and get your tickets in advance. ¬†It’s a busy weekend, and we often get booked up in advance.

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