The Five Star Difference

Luxury Getaways with a Personal Touch 

The Five Star Difference For Discerning Property Owners

When you have a beautiful vacation property, you want the best return on your investment, right? We can help.
At Five Star Vacation Rentals, we take a different approach than other companies. Our unique Five Point System™ for marketing your property ensures that you're able to parlay your investment into a profitable business.

See, we're property owners ourselves. We also stay in vacation rentals as guests fairly often (in places where we don't operate). So we understand the business from all three sides.

Our business only grows if both you and the guests who stay at your property are happy. When that happens, it's a win for everyone.

Our Five Point System™ includes:

A Customized Marketing Plan

There's a lot more to marketing your property than simply listing it on websites.  You could do that yourself if Return On Investment wasn't a big priority.  It starts with being highly selective about the property owners we partner with.  Once we're on board together, we get to know your property inside and out, as if it were our own.  Five Star is the leader in online marketing which is paramount in the vacation rental industry.  We use the leading vacation rental software that is integrated with all major third party vacation rental sites.  Our software automatically keeps our vacation rental availability calendars current with real time updates to all third party websites we market on.  We recently launched our new website with heightened back end data reporting which enhances our marketing strategies.  We focus on search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click campaigns (PPC) and offer real time online bookings through our website.  We have also cracked the code to employing effective social media campaigns and a free mobile application.  Our mobile app provides our guests with all important information about the property along with maps, dining suggestions and local attractions. Guests can even book their next stay through this mobile application.  Additionally, as a result of our luxury property reputation, keyword research, and extensive website, we get a lot of organic search traffic.  The Net Effect? Our phones never stop ringing! We are experts when it comes to converting those calls to booked nights... (See: A Sales-Focused Approach below)

Five Star is committed to providing the best marketing strategy that will produce the highest return on your investment.


The Classic Five Star Personal Touch

We're personally involved in every rental. You can feel secure knowing that we screen all of our guests, and have strict policies to ensure that your home is well taken care of.  Be assured, we treat every home as if it were our own.

And just like our guests enjoy boutique service with our Glad To Have You app and personal phone numbers, you will, too. In fact, Kevin has been known to go beyond vacation rental duties and guide property owners in purchasing another home.

Property owners tell us it's one reason they stay with us for the long-term, and often end up investing in more properties.

Premium Guest Services

Competition in the vacation rental business is fierce. So why do we get so many repeat guests? Simple. We treat them to luxury from start to finish.

A smooth check-in process and meticulous housekeeping provide a great first impression. Fresh linens and high-end amenities add a nice finishing touch. Our Five Star attention to detail provides a memorable getaway for every guest.

What does all of that mean to you, the property owner? Satisfied guests not only come back, they tell their friends about the Five Star experience. That translates to more booked nights, at premium rates.

Property Maintenance

We take care of your vacation home so you can maximize its investment value. Every home is professionally inspected before and after each reservation, and our focus is on preventative maintenance. Guests take it for granted that a luxury getaway will be flawless, and we deliver.

A well-maintaned home not only gives your guests a better experience, it allows you to bring in higher rental income. Proper care goes a long way toward increasing its long-term worth, too.

A Sales-Focused Approach

The Five Star Difference is that we also know how to sell.

Remember how we mentioned above how our phones never stop ringing? That's great, as long as you have the right people answering those calls. We do!

It takes a professional, highly-qualified salesperson to listen carefully, ask questions, match the client to the right home, make recommendations, and move the guest to take action and make the reservation. It's not a job for an order taker.

Our salespeople get superior training, and everyone who picks up the phone knows your home because they've walked it. As owners of the company, we still spend a lot of time on the phone with guest ourselves, and we take pride in leading by example. When people call Five Star, we're going to help them experience one of our luxury getaways.


The bottom line? We'll increase your bottom line.
We'll get you more booked nights and more money per night than anywhere else. (Ask us about our guarantee)
As property owners ourselves, we want to help you experience the income and investment opportunities that we've had.  
Call us at 310-780-3411 or 310-800-5454 to find out more about the lifestyle and wealth-building opportunities of partnering with us here at Five Star Vacation Rentals. We look forward to hearing from you.