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Plan Your Winter Getaway to Mexico

It’s something the rich and famous have been doing for years. ¬†Oversize sunglasses, floppy hats, and relaxing by the surf in winter were once solely the domain of the glitterati. ¬†But those delights are no longer limited to just a select few. ¬†As the weather turns a bit colder, increasing numbers of us love to flee for the warmer environment found south of the border. ¬†And this time of year is perfect for a winter getaway to our resort in Villa la Estancia just outside Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. ¬†Winter temperatures in the area seldom dip below the mid 60’s and highs are in the 80’s. ¬†During December and January there are usually only a couple days of rain each month. ¬†As with all of our destinations, its a place that will have you harboring thoughts of staying lost past when your vacation ends.

Villa la Estancia is situated just a short cab ride from the airport in Puerto Vallarta. ¬†It’s located right on the beach, and is built on the premise that you simply cannot have too much luxury or pampering. ¬†There are two gourmet restaurants on the premises, and plenty of space poolside to work on your tan. ¬†Your most difficult decisions will be whether to have the steak or the lobster or both, and should you relax by the surf or by the pool? ¬†We’re sure you get the picture. ¬†And that picture gets even better once you put yourself and your family in it.

Each of our units is furnished with your comfort in mind, and you’ll be tempted to never leave. ¬†But there are so many good reasons to venture out. ¬†A short cab ride gets you into the heart of Puerto Vallarta where you can enjoy nearly endless shopping at stores filled with great knickknacks and creations of local artisans. ¬†And you’ll want to pause throughout the day to enjoy the local cuisine as well. ¬†The supply of fresh seafood and ethnic choices will have you stopping repeatedly throughout the day.

We have 16 amazing units at Villa la Estancia, so this is a perfect destination for groups of virtually any size. Are you beginning to feel the sand in your toes and smell the brisk ocean breeze?  Take a look at all of our Villa la Estancia vacation rental condos at this link:

If you’re looking for a getaway someplace else, please be sure to look at our luxury rentals in  Park City, Palm Springs/La Quinta,  Southern California Beaches, Mammoth Mountain, and Big Bear.  Regardless of where you may go, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that Five Star Vacation Rentals is working to make your vacation relaxing and memorable.


44 Great Reasons to Visit Big Bear in September

September is one of the most popular months to visit Big Bear, and we’ve got 44 great reasons why you should call us right away to book your getaway. ¬†Our 44 reasons are some of Big Bear’s most luxurious and finely furnished vacation rental cabins and estates. ¬†While other families will be plunging into the stress of crowded hotels, loud lobbies, and long waits for restaurant seating, you can make sure your family enjoys the finest quality lodging with a full kitchen and private parking. ¬†Since you’re booking a getaway to relax and enjoy yourselves, why not make sure you can . . . well, relax and enjoy yourselves? ¬†Nothing really compares to the plush relaxation and luxury you’ll enjoy in one of our vacation rental cabins and estates.

September is traditionally the month when fall arrives and provides Southern Californians with a glimpse into the beauty of the changing seasons. ¬†It’s a rare opportunity to show your kids that there’s more to fall than getting an extra hour of sleep when daylight savings time kicks in. ¬†And for the many transplants who moved here from the south and east, it’s a chance to revisit the beauty you may have enjoyed as a kid. ¬†We can think of no better way to enhance the pure relaxation of your visit than to settle in with one of our 44 amazing Big Bear luxury vacation rentals from

Now there’s no sure way to predict exactly when the leaves will start turning colors, but we do have a bunch of great events on the calendar for September that are sure to make your visit a memorable one. ¬†Here’s just a sampling:

In last week’s blog, we detailed the upcoming annual Big Bear Film Festival. ¬†This is always a great event with lots of fun things for folks both in and out of the film industry. It’s an especially important event for anyone looking to break into the film industry, since there will be producers, directors, and big-name talent as well.

Oktoberfest is also coming up in a few weeks with a wide variety of great food and events for every member of the family.  Mom and dad will enjoy some great international beers and cuisine while the kids have plenty of activities geared just for them as well.  And the village overflows with fun shopping and kitschy items that will quickly become treasured mementos of the fun time you had in Big Bear.

Combine these fun events with miles of nature walks, great restaurants, and a top quality Five Star Vacation Rental cabin or estate, and you’ll see there’s really no limit to the fun things to do in Big Bear during September. ¬†Whether you plan to spend your time walking along the trails to drink in the rich sights and smells of fall, or want to jump into the middle of Oktoberfest with its amazing offering, we can assure you your September stay will have you planning your return trip right away.

Be sure to look at all our luxury rentals in Big Bear.  We can also help you book your getaway to one of our other destinations in Park City, Palm Springs/La Quinta, Southern California Beaches, Mammoth Mountain, and Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.  We’re committed to making sure your vacation will be a great memory for your entire family.  Call us at 310-780-3411 for more details or to book with us on the phone.

Get Away This August With a Big Bear Vacation Cabin Rental

Grab your bikes and head to Big Bear!

The summer is slipping away! ¬†Remember last year you promised yourself that you would do something fun next year? Well, this IS next year. ¬†Don’t let the time slip away. ¬†The kids will only be this age once, and you have no idea what may come up next summer. ¬†We have it on good authority from our in-house Mayan calendar expert that you may never get another chance to enjoy a summer vacation like you will this year. ¬†And our Mayan calendar expert has never been wrong. ¬† Okay, it’s decided. ¬†You really need to book a Five Star Vacation Rental cabin in Big Bear!

August is a great month to visit Big Bear. ¬†The summer is in full swing and you can escape the stifling heat of the Southern California low lands for the cooler crisp air in Big Bear. ¬†It’s wonderful to know that when Los Angeles is reaching triple digits heat, you may need to pack a sweater for the cool Big Bear evenings. Here are a few events you can enjoy during your August visit to Big Bear:

Enjoy cycling for the entire family. ¬†Several times each week there are organized rides, and there are lots of bike paths available, so ¬†you can head out on your own too. ¬†The Big Bear Cycling Association is one of the country’s most active cycling groups, and they have lots of opportunities for riders of all ages and skill levels. ¬†Visit their website for more details:¬†

Blues for the Zoo Benefit

On August 4th, you can come out and enjoy the¬†3rd Annual “Blues For The Zoo” Concert at Swim Beach. You’ll enjoy fine food, and local artisans on site. ¬†The concert features festival seating, so beach chairs and blankets are welcome. No coolers please. Swim beach will be open to concert goers so plan on bringing swim suits as well. Tickets are $30 in advance and $35 on the day of show at the gate. Children 10 and under are FREE. ¬†Headlining the afternoon of music is¬†Zydeco “crown prince”¬†C.J. Chenier. According to Downbeat Magazine, “his vocals and accordion drip with top-line Louisiana hot sauce, keeping the good times rolling with energized adaptations of blues and Creole R&B classics.” Chenier carries on in the tradition of his father Zydeco great Clifton Chenier, playing accordion-based American blues and danceable two-steps, singing in both French and English. ¬†No blues festival is complete without a guitar hero and¬†Jimmy Thackery fits the bill. The six-string virtuoso is known to unleash an intense volley of rockin’ blues guitar, guaranteed to leave crowds emotionally spent. ¬†So grab a couple of chairs, a blanket, and get ready to have an afternoon of toe-tapping fun! ¬†Click here for more details and discount tickets

Tuesday Farmer’s Market at the Big Bear Convention Center continues every Tuesday throughout the summer. ¬†It features great fresh fruit and vegetables for your cooking. ¬†But there’s plenty of other fun stuff too, with unique arts, crafts, and other home made items.

The Antique Car Club’s Fun Run takes place Friday August 10th through Sunday August 12th. The Fun Run features a car show with 500+ cars – roadsters, classics, antiques and hot rods, lining the streets of Big Bear Village. Friday is registration day from 9-5 pm for participants at the Bartlett Parking Lot, Saturday is the day to view the cars on display from 9-4 pm and the Fun Run drive around the Lake takes place at 4pm at the end of day on Saturday, and the awards ceremonies are on Sunday starting at 9:00 am.¬† For more information call, 909-866-3938 or visit their website:¬†

Fun at the Renaissance Faire!

The 11th annual Big Bear Valley Renaissance Faire takes place August 11-12 & 18-19. 10 am to 6 pm in beautiful downtown Fawnskin on the north shore of Big Bear Lake!!¬†¬† New entertainers as well as your good old favorites!! The Knights of Mayhem, Adam Reid “the Bawdy Juggler”, the Belles of Bedlam, Victoria Goring, Gallows Humor and many more have already signed on for entertainment! As always 5 stages and a complete children’s game area!!¬† Advance tickets may be purchased¬†by calling 1-800-4BIGBEAR or on website. For more details please call (909) 237-0448 or visit the website:¬†

On August 11th, you can enjoy a live performance by The REUNION BAND – “They can’t use THE LETTERMAN name anymore. Now they are: “REUNION”. They will be singing their hits! Master of Ceremonies will be our great John Grandi. After Glow Party – dancing to The White Water Band, wine, beer and hors d’oeuvres. All for a donation of $50 to support Big Bear charities.

On August 12, you’ll enjoy the Theatre at the historic Knickerbocker Mansion: Wyatt Earp presents ‚ÄúDoc Holliday‚ÄĚ under the Mansion Tent. ¬†Tickets are $20 for adults and ¬†$10 for student admission.¬† Special dinner (optional) follows in the Knickerbocker Mansion Dining Room.¬† Reservations are required for dinner.¬†For more info and reservations, call the Arts Council of Big Bear Valley at (909) 585-5916 or visit their website:¬†

And this just covers the first half of August! ¬†As you can see there’s plenty of great stuff to do while you relax in the amazing comfort of your Five Star Vacation Rental cabin in Big Bear. ¬†Call us at 310-780-3411 to book yourvacation. ¬†Remember, your vacation time is just too important to leave to chance. ¬†Don’t rent a hotel room where you will be surrounded by strangers and fighting for parking. ¬†Your family deserves a vacation that will be something you’ll all be talking about and laughing with delight over for many years to come.

Browse all of our Big Bear cabins on this page.  If you’re planning a vacation somewhere other than Big Bear, please be sure to look at our luxury rentals in Park City,Palm Springs/La Quinta, Southern California Beaches, Mammoth Mountain, and Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.


Studies Show You Should Stay in a Five Star Vacation Rental Instead of a Hotel

Well, that may not be exactly what the studies said, but hear us out on this.

We’ve been doing some reading on why people take vacations and the benefits of a good vacation. ¬†There is a surprising amount of agreement among many experts that (we feel) shows why you should choose Five Star Vacation Rentals for your next family getaway.

Surveys show that the number one reason for going on vacation is to relax together as a family.   At Five Star Vacation Rentals, we offer a unique opportunity to make your precious vacation time more enjoyable and more relaxing for your entire family.

Here’s just one example. ¬†Let’s imagine that you plan a family vacation and make reservations at a nice hotel in Big Bear or near the ocean in Southern California. ¬†This is the way most people plan their vacations, so what could be wrong with that? ¬†Well, let’s take a closer look.

Please be patient while we prepare your table

You travel most of the day and arrive at the hotel in the early evening.  The first thing most families do after checking into their room is to get something to eat.  Unlike a Five Star Vacation Rental, your hotel room does not have a full kitchen with a stove and refrigerator, so you head out to the nearby restaurant.  This is where the trouble begins.

You have to wait over an hour for a table because the place is packed with other families who checked into their rooms just a few minutes earlier than you did. ¬†When you finally get a table, it’s right next to the kitchen, and the guy in the booth next to you is a long-haul trucker taking a load of live skunks to a nearby nature preserve. ¬†With the kitchen noise on one side and the aroma on the other, you all decide to cut your losses and just order whole wheat toast with grape jelly. ¬†To go.

Once back at your room, you eat your cold toast and start channel surfing as the kids bounce up and down on the beds. ¬†There’s not much on TV, so you’re thankful the beds have plenty of bounce to them. ¬†The pool is closed for repairs, but the kids soon discover the fun of playing with the ice machine down the hall. ¬†Your youngest daughter returns to the room and tells you she overheard a conversation between two guests walking down the hallway. ¬†“Daddy,” she asks you, “what’s a ‘Probation Officer,’ and why would somebody try to hide from one?” ¬†At a Five Star Vacation Rental the only guests down the hall are the ones you brought with you. ¬†Big difference.

Before you know it everybody starts yawning, and its time to call it a night. ¬†It’s been a very long day. ¬†Unlike a Five Star Vacation Rental which would have three or more full bedrooms, there are only two beds in your hotel room. ¬†You get the kids tucked into one bed where they commence squirming and fighting over the blankets. ¬†They quiet down after just a few short hours, and everybody starts falling asleep. ¬†With any of our vacation rental cabins you could each have your own bedroom. ¬†Another big advantage in our favor.

A few moments after you start to drift off to the wondrous land of vacation dreams, you learn that the Ukrainian hockey team in the room above you has just arrived home for the night and needs to get in just a bit more practice for tomorrow’s match. ¬† While you’d really rather be sleeping, the entire family marvels that there is a distinct difference between the sound made by a body check and that of a body slam when heard in your room below. Your oldest son tries to recreate the sound with his little ¬†sister, but he quickly learns she just doesn’t sound the same when slammed to the floor. ¬†Fortunately, the doctor at the Emergency Room assures you that your daughter’s arm will be perfectly fine after the cast comes off in about 8 weeks. ¬†Once you all return to the room, you find the hockey team upstairs has finally gone to bed, and so do all of you. ¬†It’s been a very long day.

But wait, there’s more . . . in our next installment. Be sure to watch our blog for more on this sad tale about the utter despair suffered by most people who choose to stay anywhere other than with us at Five Star Vacation Rentals.

In the meantime, don’t leave the quality of your next vacation to chance. ¬†Call us at 310-780-3411 to book your next holiday with confidence. ¬†We guarantee your stay with us will be free of any interruptions from a Ukrainian hockey team, or we’ll give you your money back. ¬†No other company in the entire vacation rental industry offers this guarantee.

Browse all of our Big Bear vacation rental cabins on this page.  If you’re planning a vacation somewhere other than Big Bear, be sure to look at our luxury rentals in Park City,Palm Springs/La Quinta, Southern California Beaches, Mammoth Mountain, and Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.  Regardless of where you may go, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that Five Star Vacation Rentals is working to make your vacation relaxing and memorable.

Five Star Vacation Rentals Big Bear Guest Testimonials

Five ¬†Star Vacation Rentals was started in a very different way than most vacation rental companies. ¬†That’s one of the reasons we consistently find our guests calling us for return visits. ¬†Before we ever got into the vacation rental business we were guests at vacation rentals. We’ve seen first hand the difference quality management can make in a guest’s overall experience. We’ve combined this with our background in hotel management and guest services to create a level of service that we’re confident cannot be duplicated elsewhere.

We’re continually pleased to see guests become regular visitors to our properties. ¬†Some find a favorite rental they want to keep returning to, and others enjoy the fact that they can choose any of our rentals with the confidence that they will have a great experience regardless of which unit they choose. ¬†Here are just a few of the many testimonials we’ve received:

Cabin #1: "Thrilled"

Softball Team Scores a Great Getaway With Big Bear Cabin #1
“Just a quick note, our softball team (35 and over) were¬†thrilled¬†with¬†the¬†cabin.¬† It is absolutely beautiful and fit¬†the¬†10 of us to a tee.¬† We appreciate¬†the¬†great deal you gave us, and all¬†the¬†women wanted your website for their future stays in Big Bear.¬† Hope to do business¬†with¬†you again.”
Submitted by DeDe G.  after staying in our Big Bear Cabin #1 Bear Mountain 4 Bedroom.  Click here to see more info on this cabin.


Big Bear Cabin #3 is “Nice, Clean, and Cozy”

Cabin #3: "Great Rental"

“Hello Kevin,
We just wanted to send¬†along¬†a¬†heartfelt¬†‘Thank You’ for¬†a¬†wonderful stay at your cabin #3 this last week. We enjoyed our stay very much in this wonderful home at¬†a¬†very nice location. Looking forward to staying with you again soon. May God Bless!”
Submitted by John & Diana C after staying in our Big Bear Cabin #3.

John D. and his family also stayed in Cabin #3, and sent us this note:

“First off I want to say thank you for the¬†great¬†rental¬†in¬†Big¬†Bear¬†this¬†weekend. We had a¬†great¬†time and enjoyed our stay. We plan to¬†rent from you many more times¬†in¬†the near future. Cabin was very nice, clean and cozy.
Thank you for the¬†great¬†customer service.” ¬†¬†View more info or book Cabin #3 online here.

Cabin #5 "Like Home"

Our Big Bear Cabin #5 Rental Is a Lakefront Dream
“Dear Mr. & Mrs. Cobb,
Had to take the time and thank you.  The cabin was well beyond our expectations.  It was in a perfect location andit was roomy, comfortable and felt like home.  All of us loved it.
We have also now recommended this cabin to two of our friends and more to come. ¬†We think you will get a call in the near future from a friend of my husband asking for this or one of your other cabins. ¬†A relative from San Diego is also planning on using this wonderful find in the near future. ¬†We have a great number of friends who probably will be in contact. ¬†We can’t recommend it enough. ¬†Again, thank you.
The low hassle and professional handling of this matter was more than appreciated.” ¬†Submitted by Patty C. ¬†View more pictures and details about Cabin #5 here.

We encourage you to look over all our Big Bear vacation rental cabins and see the many recommendations provided by previous guests. ¬† It’s important to us that your experience in any of our cabins builds a great memory that will have you returning year after year.

Call us at 310-780-3411 to book your vacation getaway now. Browse all of our Big Bear cabins on this page. ¬†If¬†you’re planning a vacation somewhere other than Big Bear, please be sure to look at our luxury rentals in¬†Park City,Palm Springs/La Quinta,¬†Southern California Beaches,¬†Mammoth Mountain, and¬†Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. ¬†Regardless of where you may go, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that Five Star Vacation Rentals is working to make your vacation relaxing and memorable.

Be Mine at Big Bear: Why Big Bear is the Perfect Destination for Romance

Rent a cabin for Valentine's Day


What could be more romantic?

Surprise your sweetheart with a romantic escape to Big Bear luxury rentals, the perfect couples-only winter getaway.

Snow falling gently outside, you and your sweetheart snuggling by the fire, champagne on ice… it just doesn’t get more romantic than this! Even if you waited until the last minute to make your Valentine’s Day plans, it’s never too late to surprise your sweetheart with a romantic escape to Big Bear. Let us play cupid and help you plan the perfect romantic getaway!
Luxury Big Bear Vacation Homes Create Romance
Discerning travelers know that the right accommodation sets the mood for romance and adults-only fun. So why stay in a cramped hotel room when you could enjoy a spacious home? Get the romance started at one of the exclusive Big Bear luxury vacation homes. These rentals feature custom amenities, private hot tubs and luxurious master suites. Nothing says romance like sipping champagne in your own private hot tub or snuggling up together by the fire!
After a day on the slopes, enjoy a romantic meal together at one of Big Bear’s fine dining restaurants. Many restaurants offer special romance packages and tasting menus, such as Sweet Basil Bistro’s five-course Valentine’s Day dinner served in this intimate, charming bistro.
And whether you hit the slopes or cuddle up indoors, there’s plenty of action to set your heart a-flutter.
Top 5 Big Bear Winter Romance Activities
1. Bear Mountain Snow Summit: Old Man Winter is back, and now is the perfect time to take advantage of a packed powder-to-powder natural snow surface under beautiful sunny skies! Spend the day skiing down the slopes on Snow Summit’s beginner, intermediate, advanced or expert snow runs.
2. Alpine Slides at Magic Mountain: Take a break from the slopes and zip down the alpine slide in your own private toboggan for two. Your hearts will be racing after a ride down this authentic bobsled experience.
3. Big Bear Snow Play: Reconnect with your inner-child on the largest snow play hill in the San Bernardino Mountains! The lift-assisted inner tubing takes you straight to the top for a fun, laughter-filled glide down the mountain.
4. Action Zip Line: Get some action this Valentine’s Day with a Big Bear Action Zipline tour! Suspended high above the forest floor, you’ll zip through stunning snowy scenery, across rocky canyons, and end with an adrenaline high!
5. Helicopter Big Bear: Lovebirds can take in the stunning winter scenery with a 20-minute private sightseeing tour. Special romance packages include champagne or Perrier sparkling water, fine chocolates, a stuffed teddy bear and a long stem red rose.