March Events in Big Bear

There’s snow on the ground now in Big Bear, but as Spring approaches, temperatures begin rising and the cold of winter is replaced with warmer, sunnier days. The comfortable weather of Spring is alluring, but it can mean limited accessibility to some of Big Bear’s snowier attractions. March is the perfect time to take advantage of Big Bear’s snowy landscape before it melts away. There are a multitude of activities in the area for everybody to explore this time of year.

One such activity is Guided Snowshoe Tours offered by the Southern California Mountains Foundation. On this tour, you can traverse through the San Bernardino National Forest with a tour guide and become acquainted with the natural features of Big Bear through snowshoeing. This is a great opportunity for individuals visiting the area who are interested in exploring Big Bear’s natural beauty, as well as for families looking for engaging and educational activities for kids. Discovering the beauty of Big Bear in wintertime is a treat for adults and kids both. For more information, call (909) 382-2790.

Several snowboarding and skiing events and competitions come to Big Bear in March, too. Whether you are interested in participating in or simply watching these events, there are certainly opportunities for interested visitors. The War of Rails is a skiing competition that takes place on March 2nd and is free to attend. For more information, call (909) 866-5766. Visitors can become involved in a good cause when The United States Adaptive Recreation Center (USARC) also hosts their annual Ski-A-Thon on the same day. Participants enroll to snowboard or ski to raise money for USARC. Additional information is available by calling (909) 584-0269.

These and other snowy events make March the ideal time to plan a Big Bear vacation. After a day of fun activities like these, you will love the comfort and luxury of one of our Big Bear Cabins. Call us at (310) 780-3411 to begin planning your trip!

If you’d like to view our Big Bear vacation rental cabins, visit our Big Bear page at this link.  Planning a vacation somewhere else?  We’ve got luxury vacation rentals available in Park CityPalm Springs/La Quinta Southern California BeachesMammoth Mountain, and  Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. We realize that you get very little vacation time each year, so we’re dedicated to ensuring that your time spent in one of our luxury rentals will have you enjoying every possible moment.  Call us today, and we’ll help you plan the vacation of a lifetime.

Plan Your Perfect Valentine’s Day Getaway

Valentine’s Day is just a couple weeks away, and you’re in danger of missing a huge opportunity.  Sure, candy and flowers are nice, but isn’t it time to really show him or her a better demonstration of your affection?  Flowers quickly wilt, and candy will disappear, but a romantic getaway will be something they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.  And we’ve got some of the most romantic getaways imaginable.  Here are a couple ideas:

We’ve got great winter conditions in Big Bear right now, and whether you’re a skier or not, it’s a perfect time to get away.  Imagine cooking a romantic dinner for your honey and settling down in front of a crackling fire with a nice glass of wine as you enjoy a romantic evening in one of our luxury Big Bear cabins.  Many of our cabins also have toasty warm hot tubs that will be the perfect place to enjoy the crisp night air and watch as the stars put on their nightly show in the wide open skies above the treetops.  It’s a perfect recipe for romance, and we’re sure it’s one that both of you will remember with a knowing smile for many years to come.  Recharge your batteries, and rekindle the romance in your marriage with a weekend escape to Big Bear.

If you’ve got something more exotic in mind, we’ve got a perfect opportunity for that as well.  Our beach side resort units in Puerto Nuevo Mexico are just amazing.  There are daily flights from all southern California airports, and it’s a short cab ride from the airport to Villa la Estancia.

This world-class resort offers a level of luxury found in very few international destinations.  Enjoy a fine gourmet meal at the on site restaurant, La Casona.  This restaurant boasts some of the best reviews of the entire region, and you’ll enjoy an amazing fare of Kobe beef, or fresh local seafood.  February weather in Puerto Nuevo sees daily highs usually in the 80’s, so later you can take a slow walk on the beach.  You’ll delight in the sound of the surf as the pressures from back home seem a million miles away.  Take your relaxation to an even deeper level with the resort’s spa, and you’ll see why Villa la Estancia is a prime destination for people from all over the world.  Can you imagine anything more romantic?

We’ve helped hundreds of our guest put together the perfect romantic getaway, so be sure to call us to plan yours.  But don’t delay, as Valentine’s Day is one of our busiest times, and we’ve got only a limited number of luxury units available.  You can make this Valentine’s day one that will create sighs and smiles for many years to come, and we’ll be glad to help.  Just give us a call at 310-780-3411, and we’ll get to work!

And remember we’ve also got luxury vacation rentals available in Park City,Palm Springs/La QuintaSouthern California Beaches, and Mammoth Mountain.  Your vacation time and romantic plans are just too important to leave to chance.

Head South For The Winter. They’ve Got Lobster

While we do much of our winter business with our snow-bound properties, we’re finding increasing numbers of folks who are looking to book a different getaway to a bit warmer climate.  Not everybody relishes grabbing their skis and heading down the slopes.  We understand that — we like to mix things up sometimes as well.  And we’ve got a wonderful group of luxury rentals right on the beach in Puerto Nuevo, Mexico at the Villa la Estancia resort.

One of the often-overlooked features of Villa la Estancia is the amazing wealth of great dining available.  And the dining ranges from world-class gourmet fare, to delicious hole-in-the-wall eateries lining the streets of nearby Nuevo Vallarta.

If you want to sample true quality gourmet cooking, you need look no further than La Casona, one of the on-site restaurants at Villa la Estancia.  This fine-dining restaurant/bar offers an air-conditioned dining room and open-air terrace under wood-beam ceiling draped with fabric, bordered by wood-burning fireplace and giant candles after dark. Pianist in evening. Buffet breakfast daily. Dinner menu featuring appetizers, soups, salads, steaks, fish, shrimp, and nightly chef’s-special three-course meal.  Our mouths are watering just thinking about it.

But we encourage you to also sample some of the amazing flavors and cuisine to be found in a short ride into Nuevo Vallarta. The town boasts a couple dozen small eateries with amazing food.  Some of the restaurants have been in the families for several generations with recipes that are sure to keep you smiling and moaning with delight after each bite.  And we’ll admit it.  We often find the small family-run eateries to be the best.  There’s just something about eating fresh, steaming lobster at an old formica dinner table that tastes better than anything we’ve found anywhere else.  You’ll find a wide variety of lobsters available.  We suggest you steer away from the largest ones, and stick to those weighing in at about a pound.  They’re usually the most tender and flavorful.

Getting to Nuevo Vallarta couldn’t be easier.  There are direct flights from all major Southern California airports, and the resort is about a 15 minute cab ride from the airport.  All our suites have full kitchens so you’ll have a refrigerator to hold those great left-overs.  We’ve got some yummy recipes for lobster omelets that are guaranteed to start off your day right.

And you can also get away to warmer climes with our Palm Springs/La Quinta properties.  Just give us a call 310-780-3411, and we’ll be happy to help you plan your getaway.  And you can have confidence that we’ll work hard to make sure your valuable vacation time is enjoyed to the fullest with one of our luxurious Five Star Vacation Rentals.

Pack Your Bags! We’ve Got Five Star Luxury Big Bear Cabins and Great Ski Conditions

The recent storms have finally passed, but they’ve left behind some great ski conditions in the Big Bear area.  If you’ve been waiting for an excuse to pack up for your ski getaway, wait no longer!  Check ahead when you come, but the roads are clear with no chains required, so it’s an easy drive to an amazing getaway.  Here’s the current report from Bear Mountain:

There are lots of  beginner jumps and rails at chair 6, while chair 5 is lined with intermediate jumps, hips, jibs, the halfpipes, and a new wall ride. Over on chair 9 there are more intermediate features as well as lots of advanced and some expert features. Chair 9 has lots of skate style down bars, wall-rides, boxes, and tubes of all sorts. We are definitely enjoying the finest park set-up of the 2012-2013 season. Freestyle camp is a great way to comfortable improve with friendly and talented instructors. We are out of the cold front which allowed for some great snowmaking, and back into classic Southern California sun shine …

And here’s the report from Snow Summit:

Park Staff has also made a few new changes to Westridge, including two skill builder boxes and a mini bank halfpipe at the top of Chair 2. After hitting the new features, you have your choice of lapping Summit Run or continuing through the park, which has a new feature count of 32 jibs and 41 snow features! The snow coverage is excellent and we’re expecting sunny skies all weekend long. Be sure to make reservations if you’re headed up for the holiday to guarantee your spot on the snow.

Snow Summit and Bear Mountain limit the number of lift tickets sold each day to reduce crowding both on the slopes and the lifts.  Your tickets will work for either location, and there’ s a free shuttle bus that runs every half hour between the two.  They’ve made every provision to make sure you’re able to get in the maximum amount of skiing on your getaway.  Be sure to buy your lift tickets ahead of time to make sure they’re not sold out.  Here’s the link to their online store:

And of course, we strongly recommend you also be sure to reserve one of our luxury Big Bear cabins for your stay.  We have both Bear Mountain and Snow Summit cabins available, so you can get as close to the slopes as you wish.  We’re experts at helping families put together amazing Big Bear family vacations.  When you couple a great day of skiing with a relaxing stay at one of our luxury resort cabins, the only thing you’ll worry about is how you’re going to get the family to ever leave such fun and luxury.  But not to worry.  We’ll gladly help you book your return stay too!  You can view all our Big Bear cabin rentals at this link.

There’s also great skiing right now at Park City and Mammoth Mountain, so be sure to call us about booking a luxury vacation rental for these destinations as well.

Just give us a call at 310-780-3411, and we’ll be glad to help you book your dream vacation in one of our 5 Star vacation rentals.


January Events In Big Bear

January is a busy month in Big Bear, and there are lots of fun activities available beyond the slopes.  One of the great things about Big Bear is that you can ski all day, and have some real fun at night as well.  And there’s enough to keep you busy off the slopes to make January a great time for a visit even if you don’t ski at all.

The Big Bear Discovery Center has lots of great activities planned for January.  Each Saturday morning they offer a snowshoeing adventure in the San Bernardino National Forest with a resident naturalist. You’ll learn how to snowshoe, and go for a guided trek through the forest.  Snowshoes, poles, water and a snack are provided. Please bring warm clothing layers and waterproof boots or shoes. You can buy tickets online at this page:

The center also has a fun animal tracking event every weekend that allows you to locate and identify some of the local animal tracks.  This is great fun for the entire family.  Come learn how to track animals found in the forest. Learn how tracks are cast and make your very own. After creating your animal track, a naturalist will guide you on a 20 minute walk around the grounds searching for signs of animals.

The Big Bear Discovery Center is located at 40971 North Shore Drive in Fawnskin.

Take cooking lessons.  Release your inner Julia Child by spending some time with one of the world-class chefs at the Copper Q.  It’s an amazing experience with limited space so budding gourmets or wannabe chefs can rub elbows with a pro to see how it’s really done.  You’ll learn to cook some of the most amazing delicacies and get to sample your work along the way.  Classes are scheduled during the week, and space is limited, so be sure to call ahead.  Here’s their website for more details:

Hear some great music or make your own.  Friday nights in Big Bear offer a great selection of live music.  Here are a few great choices for your entertainment:

Nottingham’s Tavern at 40797 Big Bear Blvd.
Mill Creek Cattle Company at 41072 Big Bear Blvd
Skeleton Key Folk Music Center at 560 Pine Knot Avenue
Chad’s Place 40740 Village Drive

And on Tuesday night you have the opportunity to make some of your own music with karaoke at Murrays Saloon at 672 Cottage Lane.  Break free of your shower and show the world your true talent.

And as you know, there’s also some amazing skiing to be found right now.   So whatever your passion, we’re here to help you put together a luxury getaway in one of our Five Star Vacation Rental cabins and estates.  Call us at 310-780-3411, and we’ll get you started on your way to a great getaway.

Looking for a vacation somewhere other than Big Bear? We also have some great vacation rental estates, cabins, and condos available in   Park City, UtahPalm Springs/La Quinta Southern California Beaches Mammoth Mountain, and  Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.



More Snow Fun In Big Bear

We’re in the height of snow season, so, if you haven’t already done so, we recommend that you call us to secure your reservation right away.  January is one of our busiest months, and we hate turning guests away!  Call us at 310-780-3411, and we’ll be happy to find the ideal vacation rental cabin for your getaway.

Bear Mountain and Snow Summit

Planning a getaway for some skiing?  Great idea!  Big Bear has terrific skiing available at both Bear Mountain and Snow Summit.  The two slopes are operated in conjunction with each other, so you can ski to your heart’s content at one, and then take a quick trip over to the other.  They even offer a free shuttle service between the two.  All lift tickets work at both locations, so you can just concentrate on getting some serious skiing in.  Several of our properties are within walking distance of the slopes, so you can see how this will make for a perfect ski getaway.  Don’t worry about parking or traffic.  Walk to the slopes, use the free shuttle, and return to your luxury Five Star Vacation cabin rental at the end of the day.  At the end of that day, you  can relax on the plush sofa, close your eyes, and just listen to the crackling fire.  Life really doesn’t get much better than this.

Bear Mountain and Snow Summit limit the number of lift tickets they sell to avoid long wait times.  So be sure to make your plans early, and buy your lift tickets before you go.  Here’s the link to purchase online:

Snow Fun Off the Slopes

While most people think of the great ski slopes when they head to Big Bear for snow play, there’s a lot more to do in the snow without skis.

Big Bear Snow Play is Southern California’s premier downhill inner tube destination.  They have a covered magic carpet lift that transports you to the top of the slope without wearing you out.  For one low entry price, they’ll supply the tube, and you’ll get unlimited runs down the hill.  This is a great choice for families with small children who want to play in the snow, but don’t want to strap skis on the little ones yet.  Visit their website for more details:

The Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain offers an entirely different sort of downhill fun. You kids will get wide-eyed when they realize that you’re taking them for a wild bobsled ride down a banked, twisty hillside track.  It looks and feels almost like the downhill runs in the Olympics, and there’s really nothing like it anywhere else in Southern California.  The runs are open year-round, so even if there’s no snow during your visit, the downhill bobsled runs will be open.  You can get more information on their website:

But the best part of your Big Bear getaway will surely be the relaxing time you spend in your  luxurious cabin offered by Five Star Vacation Rentals.  We’re convinced that our Big Bear cabins are the finest quality luxury homes you’ll be able to find.  And we’re always working behind the scenes to make sure the properties are all kept in top-notch condition.  We want to make sure that your next call to us will be to book another vacation.

View our Big Bear luxury cabin rentals on this page.  We also have luxury vacation rental homes available  in Park City,Palm Springs/La QuintaSouthern California BeachesMammoth Mountain, and Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.  Each of our vacation rentals is sure to provide your family a vacation you’ll remember fondly for years to come.  Call us at 310-800-5454, and we’ll help you book your next getaway.



New Year’s Resolutions From Five Star Vacation Rentals

In just a few days we’ll be ringing in the new year.  It’s a time that most of us look forward to a fresh beginning.  For most of us, we’re vowing to lose weight, spend less time watching television, and exercise more.  Yawn.

But we here at Five Star Vacation Rentals want to encourage you to break out and make some new resolutions. Climb out of your yearly rut and embrace new resolutions. Exercise boldness!  Here is our list of completely unbiased and self-serving resolutions.  Please write these down:

1.  Learn To Ski

There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you never learned to ski. Sure, lots of people were skiing before they could ride a bike, but that’s okay.   This is why all the major ski resorts offer ski lessons for all age ranges.  Make this the year that you finally strap on a pair of skis and learn why so many people are so passionate about this hobby.  All of the ski resorts near our vacation rentals offer lessons for beginning skiers.

In Big Bear, Snow Mountain offers group and private lessons for both skiing and snow boarding.  This is gonna be fun. Click here for more info.  Here’s our page of Big Bear luxury vacation rentals.  Most of them have hot tubs, so you can relax it the soothing warm water if you get any bumps or bruises.

Book your stay at one of our Mammoth Mountain condos first, then make arrangements for your ski lessons.  Mammoth Mountain offers private and group lessons for both kids and adults.  Visit their website at this link for more details.

Visit our Park City, Utah condo, and you’ll be facing some of the best skiing found anywhere.  And they also  have lessons for all age and skill levels.  Here’s the link to their page.  View more details about our Park City condo on this page.

2.  Ski More Next Year

Already know how to ski, but haven’t been able to get away enough?  Resolve that you will ski more, and we’ll help you with this resolution.  January is one of our biggest months for skiing.  There’s really nothing as relaxing or exhilarating as a good fast run down the slopes. You need to get away more often.

Big Bear is our most popular ski getaway.  View our Big Bear vacation rental cabins at this link.  We also have units available at Mammoth Mountain.  Here’s the link to our Mammoth Mountain vacation rentals.  And we have a great cabin available in Park City, Utah as well.  Here’ the link to our Park City condo.

3.  Golf More Next Year

You can golf year round at our Palm Springs/La Quinta and Villa La Estancia, Mexico properties.  Once the snow melts, you can visit any of our properties.  If your spouse loves golf, but struggles to find time for it, we can help.  We’ll work with you to build a perfect golf getaway you can surprise them with for their birthday, your anniversary, or Valentine’s Day.

4.  Take a Beachfront Family Vacation in Exotic Mexico

We have over a dozen luxury units available right on the beach outside Puerto Nuevo Mexico.  Villa La Estancia is a world-class resort destination that boasts 2 gourmet restaurants on site, several pools, as well as a full spa.  And just a short cab ride away, you can enjoy the local flavor of Puerto Vallarta with amazing food and great shopping including exotic products made by local artisans.  All major Southern California airports offer direct flights, so you can be there within a couple hours and start enjoying the fun.  Visit our Villa La Estancia page at this link for more details.

5. Teach the kids fishing, mountain biking or boating

Some of the best memories most of us have from our childhoods are when our parents taught us something new and fun.  Big Bear is a great destination for this.  There’s a virtually unlimited number of new activities you can do in Big Bear.  Big Bear Lake has rentals for all sorts of boats to take the family out on the lake.  You can also rent bikes at Bear Valley Bikes.  Bear Valley Bikes have bikes suitable for mom and dad as well as the kids, so you can hit the trails and explore the forest around Big Bear.  Heck, you can even have some fun teaching the kids how to bowl at The Bowling Barn.

6.  Spend More Quality Time With Your Family

This is really what we hope to provide to all our guests.  It’s fun to find an excuse to get away for a family vacation, but the only one you really need is the desire to spend some time with your family away from the pulls of work and your other commitments.  Our kids grow up fast, and we miss too much if we don’t make plans to enjoy their childhoods while we can.  Don’t let another year slip by without getting in some good vacation time with your family.

7.  Be Thankful

We may be a vacation rental company, but we really feel we’re in the business of recharging batteries.  In the pressure of our daily lives, we often get distracted by the temporary pressures that tend to drive much of the things we do each day.  A family vacation gives us a chance to wind down, and embrace the things that are most important.  We can look at our kids playing a game of checkers in the corner, and have our hearts fill with gratitude for the many gifts we enjoy.  And that is the most important resolution of all.  Be thankful for all that you’ve been given.

Five Star Vacation Rentals would like to thank all our friends and guests who helped to give us so much to be grateful for in 2012.  We wish each of you a wonderful 2013 filled with prosperity and quality time to spend with your family and friends.  Please call us at 310-780-3411, and we’ll help you put together a great vacation that will be a wonderful time for your family.





Merry Christmas and Thank You, From Our Family To Yours

Christmas is our favorite time of the year, and we’d like to express our gratitude to our guests for being such a blessing to us.

It’s hard to describe the joy we have getting call after call from folks who are planning a getaway with their family and loved ones.  We get the privilege of being invited to participate with our guests while they plan out some if the most exciting events in their lives.  In the past year we’ve been honored to be included in plans for weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries, engagements, surprise gifts, romantic getaways, family reunions, church retreats, and a whole list of others. The excitement in our guests’ voices is infectious.  When we’re away from work, we often find ourselves telling friends and family members about the cool vacations we’ve helped plan with our guests.  It’s really a delight, and we thank you for allowing us to be a part of some of the most joyous occasions in your lives.

Hanukkah just ended last week, and Christmas is only a few days away.  Many of us have likely been caught up in the hurried pace of shopping and preparation for guests.  We want to encourage you in the rush of the season to be sure and slow down for time with your friends and family.  Leave work a little earlier, turn off the television a little sooner, and be sure to just spend some time with your kids, your parents, aunts and uncles, and close friends.  Ask them lots of questions about what they’ve been doing, and get reconnected if you’ve been apart for a while.

Winter is our busiest season, but it’s also the time we get a chance to be constantly reminded of the things that are most important to us.  This time of year sees the celebration of both religious and cultural events that pull our families closer together.  This is one reason why the season is such a wonderful time.  Families everywhere will be gathering to renew relationships around Christmas trees, candles, fireplaces, and dinner tables.  It’s a great opportunity to freely offer hugs and love even to those who may have wronged us in the past.  And perhaps we can hope that we’ll be similarly embraced by those we have wronged.  It’s a time for us to encourage each other to renew relationships and place a greater value on the people around us than we do on the differences and hurts we may harbor.  It’s a chance for us to say, “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.”

We thank each of our guests for the blessings you have brought to our family, and we pray that God will bless all of you throughout the coming year.

Looking For a Warm Christmas? Five Star Vacation Rentals Has the Answer

Lots of folks who live in Southern California have landed here from other parts of the country where the weather is not quite as nice as ours.  Well, now that we think about it, NO place really has weather nearly as nice as ours, right?  These transplanted Californians delight in some things that are completely foreign to us natives.  For example, never once has your faithful blogger delighted in NOT having to shovel snow.  In fact, he has never even held a snow shovel.  But if you were born and raised in Minnesota, that simple statement would set your head spinning with a great big smile on your face.  Southern California is sort of like the Emerald City to these folks. It’s a dream land where nobody really needs a heavy coat, black ice is something you get when you pour Coke into the ice tray, and the sun actually seems to shine brightly almost every day of the year.  Yes, Toto, you really aren’t in, err, Minnesota any more.

Not our idea of fun.  Is it yours?
Not our idea of fun. Is it yours?

Many of these folks become then envy of their less-fortunate relatives still trapped in the arctic climates from which they fled.  And the contrast in the weather is never so dramatic as when the holidays arrive.  Your weekly phone conversation with Uncle Julius in Minneapolis invariably covers exactly how long it took him to shovel out the  driveway so he could find the car.  And if he’s really lucky, he’ll tell about the wonderful new snowblower he just bought.  You can smile and tell him about the wonderful new lawnmower you just bought.  It’s quickly apparent that the two of you — though once neighbors — now reside on entirely different planets.

But the holidays are a time for gathering with friends and family from all the far flung areas they’ve landed.  And it would be a crime NOT to offer a brief respite to those you love by hosting your own holiday get-together at one of our luxurious Southern California or Mexico vacation rentals.   You’ll certainly be more popular with the snow-bound relatives, and you may decide to become a Realtor so you can profit from the relocation that many of them will begin planning as soon as they return home and their feet hit the hard, frozen soil.  Be sure to tell them you can get them seats at the Rose Parade, and they won’t need a parka for it either.

We have some great choices for a warm-weather winter getaway.  All of our vacation rental units are luxuriously furnished and promise to provide an amazing setting for your family and friends to enjoy the holidays together.

Our Southern California beach homes are located within walking distance of the beach and offer an amazing level of luxury.  The beach homes are also ideally located to serve as a home base for visiting all of Southern California’s favorite attractions from Sea World, just a couple hours to the south, and Hollywood studios an hour or so to the north.  Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm are even closer.  Click here for a closer look at our Southern California beach homes.

This is your view from the balcony at Villa La Estancia. Notice that there's not a snow shovel in sight.

If you have a very large group, our best accommodations may be with our Villa La Estancia Mexican resort vacation rentals located right on the beach in Puerto Nuevo.  We have 16 units available in the resort, so we can accomodate a group of virtually any size.  The resort is located just a few minute’s drive from the  Puerto Vallarta Airport, and all southern California airports offer direct flights.  Trust us, Aunt Mildred from Detroit will rewrite her will to include you after she spends an hour in the on-site spa at Villa La Estancia.  In addition to the ocean swimming and boating, all the golfers in your group will enjoy the championship golf courses nearby as well.  Good luck getting them all back on the plane to Minnesota after that!  Click here to view our Villa La Estancia vacation rentals.

Our Palm Springs/La Quinta vacation rentals are a special delight during the holidays.  Palm Springs pulls out all the stops at Christmas time, and the entire family will delight in great shopping, shows, and amazing restaurants.  Our vacation rentals are right on the golf course, so you can have everybody back east dust off their clubs and enjoy a few rounds while their neighbors back home will be lifting nothing but their snow shovels.  It makes for a perfectly delightful time.  You can look at our Palm Springs/La Quinta properties on this page.

Give us a call today at 310-780-3411, and we’ll help you plan your ideal family vacation.  Your vacation time is very special, so don’t gamble with it.  Our goal is to offer you a level of luxury that you just won’t find anywhere else.








Five Star Vacation Rentals Named One of the Best by

Top Rental Manager 2012

Those of you who have rented from us before quickly learn that we’re fanatical about making sure your stay with us is one you’ll always remember, and the only disappointment you’ll face is on the day your stay ends.  We continually remind ourselves that your vacation time is very precious and it’s our number one priority to make sure your stay is exceptional.  And while we regularly get great feedback from our guests, we’re proud to announce that we’ve been officially recognized as a top rental manager by, a subsidiary of TripAdvisor.  TripAdvisor is one the largest travel websites on the Internet, and we couldn’t be prouder.

FlipKey allows guests to post reviews of their stays online, and our guests posted such positive reviews that we were named a top rental manager.  It’s a pretty big deal.  Here are some of the reviews posted by our guests:

Warm and Cozy Bairn's Lodge

Martita stayed in our #38 Bairn’s Lodge in High Timber Ranch.  Helping create great Big Bear family vacations is one of our specialties, and here’s some of what Martita had to say in her review titled, “Beautiful, Functional, Cozy, Quiet!”:

“This is really a beautifully decorated cabin! The set up is so cozy since it has an open floor plan. The kitchen, dining room, pool table, fire place seating area, and living area are all functionally located together. It is a single story cabin, which was perfect for us with young children . . . It really felt like a home away from home and we treated it that way.”

You can view our cabins and other Big Bear estate rentals at this link.

Luxury on the Beach

Kim W and family stayed in one of our Villa la Estancia suites in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico, and came away from it recommending, “Could not have had a more relaxing family vacation.”  Julian R also stayed at Villa la Estancia and had similar feelings:  ” we had a great time at Villa La Estancia, Nuevo Vallarta. Would recommend Villa La Estancia to everyone.” We have 16 units available for rent at the resort, so it’s a great destination for large groups who would like to get away to an exotic beach-front location.  Follow this link to view all our Villa la Estancia units.

We also have luxury units available for rent at Southern California beaches, Mammoth Mountain, Park City, Utah, and Palm Springs/La Quinta.  Call us today today at 310-780-3411 to book your next vacation.  You can have confidence that we’re working to make sure that your vacation is enjoyable and will give your family great memories for a lifetime.