Fishing in Big Bear is Better Than Ever

Do you love fishing? Do you love lakes brimming with catches just waiting to happen? Imagine there’s a fisher’s paradise hidden away within proximity to Los Angeles and surrounding areas. It’s a place called Big Bear, and there’s no better time to go fishing there than in the summer. Baseball might be America’s Favorite Pastime, but we think fishing is probably number two. In Big Bear, it’s definitely number one, and you’ll see why when you visit. With cool breezes, an easily accessible lake, boat rentals available, and water full of fish, it’s no wonder sportsmen flock to the area.

Rainbow trout is the most popular fish species to be found in Big Bear Lake. You may know that these fish are only populous in bodies of water that have great depth. Luckily, the lake accommodates plenty of these fish, and you can take advantage of their presence by fishing in deeper waters. The western side of the waters is known to be particularly favorable to trout fisherman, but you may encounter them at nearly any part of the lake.

Trout aren’t the only residents inhabiting Big Bear Lake, though. You’re also likely to catch some largemouth bass. This species is known for its aggressiveness, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be caught. Quite the opposite, in fact! The lake offers conditions that bass thrive in, and they’re likely to bite almost any bait that’s in the water. If you position yourself near weeds, docks, or rocky areas, you can expect to round up more than a few of these fishes.

Other species such as catfish and panfish are also plentiful in the waters. Many of these are active in both the day time and the nigh time, so you can grab a catch any time you’d like. We weren’t kidding when we said Big Bear is a fisherman’s paradise. It isn’t just for pros, though. Big Bear Lake is a fantastic place for aspiring fishers to get their grounding, find success and learn more about techniques.

There are several establishments, in fact, that offer guided fishing tours for those who want to learn more before setting out solo. Cantrell Guide Service and Fish Big Bear Charter Service can turn fishing into a fun group activity. If you’re ready to cast your bait like a pro, you can rent a pontoon, get bait, and cover all your other fishing needs at one of the marina’s many experts.

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