Things to do in June in Big Bear

It’s hard to believe that summer is just around the corner. Oh sure, the kids are getting restless, and we’re starting feel that annual push toward the family vacation. But maybe this year can be different. With a little help from Five Star Vacation Rentals, you can ease into a summer vacation almost effortlessly. June is a great month to plan your stay, and there’s a lot happening in Big Bear in June.

Biking is Big in June

Biking takes off in June with lots of planned events throughout the month. The Big Bear Cycling Association offers rides from a Monday morning java run through road training, and community fun rides. Many rides cater to all skill levels, and it’s one of the best ways to enjoy Big Bear. The June days are typically mild, and it’s sheer delight to be free of the confines of a car as you pedal your way around the beautiful surroundings Big Bear offers. Visit their website for more information and the calendar of rides scheduled:

BB Fishing Derby-C4-01Have Some Fun Fishing

Big Bear Lake is a great fishing destination and June has some fishing events planned you’re definitely going to want to attend.

June 9th and 10th will see the arrival of the annual Fishin’ for $50K Trout Derby. This combines two of our favorite pursuits: Fishing and Cash! Big Bear Lake will be stocked with 5 tagged fish that will bring $10,000 or more to the lucky anglers who land them. It’s a great time to load up the kids and go fishing for funds. The entry fee is $30 for kids and $80 for 16 and over. The fee covers fishing for both days of the derby. You can register online at this link.

Stick around the following weekend June 16th and 17th, and you can participate in the annual Carp Roundup. This event is for anglers and bow fishers. There are thousands of dollars in prizes with top teams vying for team prizes of $1000. It’s a fun event. You’ll need to register and pay your fee in advance. You can download the entry form at this link.

You can book your stay online or view all of our Big Bear cabins and luxury estates at this link.  Or give us a call at 310-780-3411, and we’ll help you choose a great property for your spring vacation or getaway.  And if you’d like to explore any of our other destinations, you can be assured that we’re committed to providing top quality cabins, estates, and condos for your next vacation getaway.  Here are links to our other properties in Nuevo VallartaMammoth MountainPark CitySouthern California Beaches, and La Quinta.



June is Fishing Month in Big Bear

Region capture 53There are so many things to love about Big Bear. Our ski season draws visitors from far and wide to enjoy the downhill thrills. And when the snow melts, the thrills move to the lake. June is a great time for anglers to plan a getaway in Big Bear, because the only thing better than that thrill of a tug on your line is landing a fish and winning some cash in the process.

Region capture 52The fun starts on June 3-4 with the Fishin for 50K Trout Tournament. Entries are limited, and you can buy your tickets at this link.  5 tagged trout are placed in the lake and each is worth a cool $10K. 25 trout will land $200 each with another 50 tagged for a $50 prize. But the winning keeps going with a raffle at the awards ceremony where thousands of dollars worth of gear and accessories will be given away.  You could even win a Hobie Kayak. And the fun also helps fund better fishing in Big Bear Lake with $20 from each entry fee contributed to the Big Bear Lake trout fishery program.

Aaron’s Big Bear Lake Bass Tournament continues on June 10th with payouts for the biggest fish.  This tournament continues throughout fishing season, and is a great opportunity to catch some bass with a chance at catching some cash as well. You’ll want to register in advance for this event. More details at this link.

CarpRoundupThe Big Bear Municipal Water District is sponsoring the 14th annual Carp Roundup on June 17th and 18th. Carp is an invasive species that threatens the Big Bear Lake ecosystem. You can help lower the threat and maybe win some cash in the process. The roundup is open to boaters, shore fishers, and bow fishers. Prizes are offered for the biggest and smallest fish caught. Sign up is for two-person teams, and you can access the entry form at this link.

These tournaments can add some real fun to your Big Bear Lake fishing trip, but nothing can beat the relaxation of just floating along on the quiet lake or sitting along the bank with your pole and relaxing with friends and family. Five Star Vacation Rentals offers a perfect home base for whatever fishing expedition you have planned. Each of our luxury vacation rental cabins and estates has a full kitchen, so you can enjoy some of the freshest fish possible after your day on the lake.

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Oktoberfest in Big Bear

October is just around the corner, and with that the holiday season will be in full swing. You don’t have to be a Halloween enthusiast to fully appreciate everything this month has to offer. The onset of fall, the arrival of pumpkin spice, and the cooler weather are all reasons to celebrate and take a break from your usual routine.

What’s the best way to do so? A vacation, of course! You need not venture abroad or across the country to find relaxation, luxury, and quality time with your family.  A world-class vacation spot with accommodations that are just as nice can be found in nearby Big Bear.

There’s plenty to get excited about this October in Big Bear. Fishing enthusiasts can get in on trout season and enter the Big Bear Lake October Troutfest. It’ll be held on the first of the month, starting at a bright and early 6:30 AM. Attendees will gather at Big Bear Marina at 500 Paine Rd. for the fishing and festivities.

Another tradition, the 46th Annual Oktoberfest, will grace the streets of Big Bear. Adults can enjoy craft beers while kiddos can take part in activities and games. The whole family is sure to have a blast. It, too, will be held at the beginning of the month on the 1st and 2nd at the Big Bear Convention Center at 42900 Big Bear Blvd.

October is the perfect time for a quick getaway before the hustle and bustle of the holidays really begins. Whether you’re considering a solo trip or a family vacation, nothing will make it unforgettable like booking luxurious lodgings. Five Star Vacation Rental maintains a number of accommodations in Big Bear, including vacation homes that are complete with a gourmet kitchen, dining room, HDTV with cable, and many other luxury features like pool tables and spas. Check out all our luxury Big Bear cabins and estates at this link.

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Fishing in Big Bear is Better Than Ever

Do you love fishing? Do you love lakes brimming with catches just waiting to happen? Imagine there’s a fisher’s paradise hidden away within proximity to Los Angeles and surrounding areas. It’s a place called Big Bear, and there’s no better time to go fishing there than in the summer. Baseball might be America’s Favorite Pastime, but we think fishing is probably number two. In Big Bear, it’s definitely number one, and you’ll see why when you visit. With cool breezes, an easily accessible lake, boat rentals available, and water full of fish, it’s no wonder sportsmen flock to the area.

Rainbow trout is the most popular fish species to be found in Big Bear Lake. You may know that these fish are only populous in bodies of water that have great depth. Luckily, the lake accommodates plenty of these fish, and you can take advantage of their presence by fishing in deeper waters. The western side of the waters is known to be particularly favorable to trout fisherman, but you may encounter them at nearly any part of the lake.

Trout aren’t the only residents inhabiting Big Bear Lake, though. You’re also likely to catch some largemouth bass. This species is known for its aggressiveness, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be caught. Quite the opposite, in fact! The lake offers conditions that bass thrive in, and they’re likely to bite almost any bait that’s in the water. If you position yourself near weeds, docks, or rocky areas, you can expect to round up more than a few of these fishes.

Other species such as catfish and panfish are also plentiful in the waters. Many of these are active in both the day time and the nigh time, so you can grab a catch any time you’d like. We weren’t kidding when we said Big Bear is a fisherman’s paradise. It isn’t just for pros, though. Big Bear Lake is a fantastic place for aspiring fishers to get their grounding, find success and learn more about techniques.

There are several establishments, in fact, that offer guided fishing tours for those who want to learn more before setting out solo. Cantrell Guide Service and Fish Big Bear Charter Service can turn fishing into a fun group activity. If you’re ready to cast your bait like a pro, you can rent a pontoon, get bait, and cover all your other fishing needs at one of the marina’s many experts.

If it’s outdoors fun you’re after, Big Bear is one of the top destinations. Five Star Vacation Rental also offers luxury accommodations in  Nuevo Vallarta, Mammoth Mountain, Park City, Southern California Beaches, and La Quinta. No matter what city you are visiting, staying in a Five Star Vacation Rental property will ensure that you experience the absolute best in luxury accommodations. We would be glad to help you plan your vacation to Big Bear or elsewhere, so if you would like more information, you can reach out to us by calling 310-780-3411.

Calling All Anglers. What Would You Do With $50,000?

For avid fishermen, there’s nothing quite like the thrill you feel with you get those first few tenuous taps on the end of your line.  The adrenaline starts pumping, and you wait anxiously for the follow up pull indicating you’ve got one on the line.  Now combine that thrill with the possibility that the fish you’re pulling in may bring a $50,000 payday with it, and it’s a level of excitement that will make your head spin.  And that’s exactly the thrill that awaits you in Big Bear at the 50K Trout Derby the weekend of June 7th and 8th.  In addition to the grand prize there are other cash and merchandise prizes being handed out as well.  It’s going to be great fun, and you should plan to be here.

This event draws anglers from all over the Southland, and with good reason.  Big Bear Lake has some great fishing, and the surrounding scenery is just amazing with the towering pines and mountains.  At Five Star Vacation Rentals, we help make the occasion even better with the finest cabins and estates available in all of Big Bear.  It’s easy to imagine your family enjoying a fun day fishing at the lake.  And even if you’re not one of the big winners, you can take your catch back to the Five Star cabin to cook up some of the freshest and tastiest fish you’ll ever have.  All of our luxury vacation rentals have full kitchens with all the pots and pans you’ll need to bring a real gourmet dinner to the table from your catch of the day.

Even if you’re not much of a fisherman, there’s plenty to keep you entertained in Big Bear.  With spring in full bloom, the mountain takes on a crisp and beautiful scent at every turn.  Hiking along the miles of trails will have you spellbound by the beauty there.  Couple that with the amazing luxury you’ll enjoy in your vacation rental cabin, and it’s a getaway that will have you smiling for your entire stay.  And the only bad part of the experience will come when you have to start packing to go back home.  But don’t despair, we’ve got dozens of great cabins for your enjoyment, and you can come back as often as you wish.

If you do head up for the $50K Trout Derby, you can call the Big Bear Lake Visitor Center for info and to enter.  Their number is 800-424-4232.  And call us at 310-780-3411 to book your getaway.  To view our Big Bear vacation rental cabins, visit our Big Bear page at this link.  We can also help you plan your holiday in one our other destinations as well. Check out our luxury vacation rentals in Park CityPalm Springs/La Quinta Southern California BeachesMammoth Mountain, and  Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. We realize that you get very little vacation time each year, so we’re dedicated to ensuring that your time spent in one of our luxury rentals will be a great value for your and your family.