Tax Time Got You Down? Let Us Lift You Up!

This time of year is always filled with contradictions.  Spring arrives, and brings bursts of color and fragrance all around us.  At about the same time, the IRS reminds us of the cost to live in a free society,  and we either celebrate a tax refund or moan about taxes due.  We sincerely hope you’re part of the former.  But whether you owe or are owed, there’s plenty to celebrate this time of year.  Pull your head out of the tax forms for a minute and drink in the beauty that surrounds you as spring blooms.

We can think of no better way to celebrate the arrival of Spring than in a luxurious Five Star Vacation Rental cabin or estate.  Big Bear makes the transition from winter to spring in the most amazing manner, and it’s really worth it to spend some time here drinking in the beauty of it.   Though the ski slopes have closed down for the season, they will soon re-emerge with mountain biking and scenic rides on the lifts.  Our hearts always feel a pang of regret that we may have missed every possible moment of skiing, but the rest of our senses are filled with the delights of spring colors, smells, and wildlife.  It’s a fair tradeoff.  A couple ways to better enjoy your spring visit to Big Bear should include visits to the Big Bear Discovery Center and the Big Bear Alpine Zoo.

The Big Bear Discovery Center offers a number of activities to help you and your family learn more about Big Bear.  Their nature walks and wildlife presentations are intended to get you more involved in the nature that surrounds you in Big Bear.  Learn more about the history and natural setting that surrounds you during your stay in Big Bear, and you’ll develop a greater appreciation for the area.  You can contact the Discovery Center at 909-382-2790, or visit their website for more information on upcoming events: The center is located at 40971 Hwy 38 in Fawnskin.

The Big Bear Zoo is a great destination for the entire family as well.  The zoo was started over 50 years ago in the aftermath of a huge forest fire.  Injured and homeless animals were collected, nursed back to health, and released back into the wild. The zoo’s first permanent residents were animals too severely injured to return to the forest . Today the zoo offers daily programs to let visitors participate in feeding animals and learn more about what’s involved keeping animals healthy and happy at the zoo.  It’s a great experience for everyone in your family.  Visit the zoo’s website for more details on the schedules and programs:

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