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Winter Fun and Golfing in Palm Springs/La Quinta With a Five Star Vacation Rental

Enjoy a golf vacation this year.

We got a call this week from our old aunt Clarisse in Duluth.  She usually calls us this time of year to talk about the weather, so we were prepared. It seems the weather in Duluth has been unseasonable warm for this time of year.  It’s only dipped below freezing 4 days this week.  But even with this apparent proof of global warming, Aunt Clarisse calls us each November to let us know she’s packing away her Bermuda shorts for the winter, and pulling down her suitcases.  And is that spare bedroom of ours still available for Thanksgiving?

Well that got us to thinking.  How wonderful would it be if when your own aunt Clarisse calls (or Laura, or Betty, or Norma, or Susan), you could inform her you’re handling things a bit differently this year.  Yes, she’s always welcome to come visit, but no, she won’t be in the guest bedroom.  And she should also delay packing away her overly-plaid shorts.  You see, this year, you’re having the entire family join you for a winter getaway to a Five Star Vacation rental in Palm Springs/La Quinta. We think you should seriously consider this.

For many people, Thanksgiving and Christmas are days filled with both fun and meaning.  We get to spend time with friends and relatives we don’t see too often, and we’re also able to enjoy some relaxing time recounting our many blessings away from the holiday rush.  And if you want to enjoy this time along with some outdoor activities and nice weather, there’s really no better place than in a Five Star Vacation Rental in the La Quinta/Palm Springs area.

No snow here! Just amazing golf course views.

Consider this: While our dear dear aunt Clarisse lives in an area where even the ice cubes migrate to warmer climates, you can plan the holiday of a lifetime for your extended family in one of our luxurious Southern California desert vacation rentals.  The average winter temperatures in La Quinta rarely drop below 60 during the day, so while all the folks back home may be shopping for parkas and cutting firewood, your entire party can enjoy the holidays in shorts and a light jacket. And while much of the country must pack away their golf clubs for the winter, you can make sure yours continue to get a workout. That’s a much better option, don’t you think?

We’ve got two amazing properties available.  Our Spacious Modern Perfection at PGA West sits right on the golf course.  Imagine the looks you’ll get  back home when you let them know you spent your holidays playing golf with folks who have never seen a snow shovel.  This home is right on the 4th fairway and has both a pool and spa to relax in at the end of the day.  Palm Springs is close by with great shopping and outlet stores for last-minute gifts.

Let the folks back home build snowmen. You can enjoy this view instead.

Our La Quinta Country Club Home is an absolute gem.  This luxury home overlooks the fairway and has panoramic mountain and lake views.  Plus, it comes with access to the Mountain View Country Club, so you can enjoy golfing and maybe even get in a bit of celebrity watching.  And we know you’re going to want to spend some quality time in the infinity pool to enjoy the fairway views while you wrinkle up smiling at the amazing comfort and quality of this finely-crafted home.

Call us today at 310-780-3411 to book your winter getaway in one of our Palm Springs/La Quinta luxury vacation rentals.  And if you’d prefer some snow for your winter vacation, you can view our Big Bear cabins on this page.  Please be sure to also look at our other luxury rentals in Park CitySouthern California BeachesMammoth Mountain, and Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.  As always, you can depend upon Five Star Vacation Rentals to ensure that any one of our vacation rental homes and cabins will meet and exceed your expectations.  We know that your vacation time is precious, and we are constantly working to make sure that your only regret will be that you couldn’t stay with us longer.