Plan Your Special Event With Five Star Vacation Rentals

calendarPlan your special event with Five Star Vacation Rentals, and we’ll help make your special days even more memorable. Each year our families have a collection of important dates on our calendars. Some events like Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas are common for pretty much all of us and fall on the same day for all of us. But other special days like birthdays, a military homecoming, anniversaries, job promotions, retirement parties and many more fall on different days for different families. But all of these deserve special attention and a real effort to enhance the quality of the day.  That’s where we come in.

Family PartyThere can be both a great advantage and a lot of fun to planning out these family events well in advance. The advantage of early planning is you’ll usually have a better selection of great properties to choose from. And the fun can be almost endless. Once you secure your Five Star Vacation Rental, you can start making your plans for the rest of your event. Who will you invite? What fun activities nearby can you plan for your group’s stay? If it’s a surprise, how will you spring it on them? This part of the planning can last for weeks and create some imaginative and very touching scenarios to enhance your celebration.

And whatever planning goes into the making of your event, we’ll be working to make sure your stay with us only makes it better. We have a great collection of luxury vacation rentals to choose from, so whether you’re looking for a retreat to the forests of Big Bear, the sandy beaches of Nuevo Vallarta, or the breathtaking golf course and mountain views of La Quinta, we have a destination that will add a luxurious feeling to your time away.

Kevin and Maria Cobb have been hosting guests at luxury vacation rental properties for nearly 20 years. Our goal is always to create a pampered feeling that will enhance your visit to any of our destinations. View all of our Big Bear cabins and luxury estates at this link.  Or give us a call at 310-780-3411, and we’ll help you choose a great property for your perfect holiday getaway.  And if you’d like to explore any of our other destinations, you can be assured that we’re committed to providing top quality cabins, estates, and condos for your next vacation getaway.  We have offices in Newport Beach and Big Bear. Here are links to our properties in Nuevo VallartaMammoth MountainPark CitySouthern California Beaches, and La Quinta.