Top Three Reasons to Choose Five Star Vacation Rentals. Part 3: Best Destinations

In our last two blogs, we’ve stopped to take a closer look at the reasons why so many of our guests choose us in the first place and then come back for subsequent vacations at such a high rate. We showed in these blogs how our non-hotel experience and luxury are two big reasons our guests choose to stay with us.  This week we’re taking a look a third reason many guests choose us: We have the best destinations.

BearMountainOur top destination is Big Bear, and it’s easy to see why. It’s been a banner season for skiing with snow levels unlike we’ve seen for quite a while. The slopes are currently still active with a good base and machine groomed. While the snow will melt, the fun in Big Bear will still be there. Every season in Big Bear offers great opportunities to enjoy some time away in your Five Star Vacation Rental. Whether your family enjoys hiking, biking, water sports, or just a relaxing time in a luxury cabin, we have a Big Bear getaway that will keep everyone in your party smiling.

The ski buffs consistently enjoy our offerings in Park City and Mammoth Mountain where we offer condos right on the slopes. These are great options both on and off season with their beautiful surroundings and resort offerings.

golfHoleWhile golfing is featured at most of our destinations, we’re proud of our beautiful La Quinta homes, all of which are right on the fairway.  There’s really nothing quite like the experience of enjoying a day playing golf followed by an evening relaxing in your pool or cabana looking out over the golf course. Each of these luxury homes is an example of fine craftsmanship that will enhance your enjoyment as you relax both on and off the course.

VillaLaEstancia1704_0If you’re in the mood for something more exotic, you can also explore our luxury condos on the beach in Nuevo Vallarta. This time of year is an especially good time to plan a visit since the weather is usually great with highs in the 80’s. Our Villa la Estancia resort is right on the beach with a huge spa and great onsite restaurants. There’s also golfing nearby and lots of fun shopping and local cuisine in nearby Puerto Vallarta.

To wrap up our excursion into the distinctive differences you’ll enjoy in your time away with us, you can count on privacy far beyond anything you’ll find at a hotel, luxury that is usually reserved only for the very wealthy, and destinations that will enhance your time away. We’re convinced that for these reasons and many more, Five Star Vacation Rentals is your best choice for a truly memorable vacation. You can book online at, or give us a call at 310-780-3411.