What’s On Your Vacation Schedule?

Planning a vacation usually starts with picking a place and booking your stay, but then you must make the plan within the plan. With a destination chosen, you can pick what attractions and activities to fill up your schedule with. In Big Bear, it won’t be a challenge to find items to add, but it may be a challenge to narrow down a list that will fit the time you’re spending in town.

If there’s a single must-see in Big Bear, it’s probably the town’s titular lake. With activities for the whole family that run annually, you can catch fishing tournaments in Summer and other seasonal activities throughout the year. Surrounding the lake are other natural wonders that invite exploration and adventure, so don’t forget to take in the exploits offered by Big Bear’s own terrain while you’re visiting.

Other activities include the Discovery Center and a rotation of monthly activities downtown, but perhaps now’s the time to rebel and make absolutely no plans at all. With a wealth of activities to take in, there’s no pressure to make plans or decisions, and an open schedule can give you and your family the freedom to explore. Don’t get too committed to a strict itinerary when the distractions you find along the way could very well be the best part of the trip.

One part of the experience to mark on your schedule is relaxation. Vacations are all about having fun and getting away, and scheduling some relaxation time is a big part of that. When you’re staying in a deluxe cabin in the heart of Big Bear’s gorgeous forests, it isn’t hard to unwind. Take the opportunity to let stress go and enjoy the simple pleasure of a home away from home. The rest of your vacation schedule will be better for it.

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