June in Big Bear

Things in Big Bear start to heat up in June—both literally and metaphorically. As summer sets in, activities at the lake become more active, and the sun’s warmth presents visitors with plenty of opportunities to bask in the light and have fun. If you’re ready to explore and try new things, there are several activities this month that may tickle your fancy. Expect some fine wine, some bike competitions, and some fishing with very high stakes involved.

June will see The Village Summer Wine Walk revisit Big Bear and celebrate wine, art, and Big Bear’s downtown Village, as it does every year. This year, however, the proceeds from the event will be donated to a few different great causes. The Big Bear Valley Education Trust and Christmas in the Village are two that have been announced thus far. Event attendees will enjoy the wine samplings that line downtown’s main drag along shops and restaurants, with an emphasis on tasting wines from cultures around the world. The walk will take place on June 4th, starting at 3:30PM.

If wine isn’t your scene, though, that’s ok—maybe biking is! The Kenda Cup Series will be presenting the first annual Mountain Bike Shoot Out on June 5th. This event will feature top bikers competing for the Kenda Cup by performing stunts and other impressive feats along the Snow Summit trail. This event is for professionals only, but visitors can attend and watch the bikers race and perform stunts. For more information on the event and how to get tickets, you can call (909) 633-6729.

And if neither wine nor biking thrills you…well, you can get involved in fishing, but the stakes are high. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. A competition aptly titled Fishing for $50K apparently promises the champion a reward of $50,000. It will take place on June 11th and June 12th, and participants may register at 630 Bartlett Rd. More details will be announced at the time of the competition, but if you are interested in learning more, you can call (800) 424-4232 for information and tickets.

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