Differences Between a Hotel and a Vacation Rental

If you’re planning on spending your vacation in a hotel, you’re missing out. Hotels offer convenience, safety, and clean accommodations, but so do vacation homes, along with plenty of other benefits! If you’ve been putting off a vacation for fear of the hassle or planning it involves, you can rest easy. Renting a vacation home can take the stress out of vacation planning and offer a fun, economical getaway. There are a million and one reasons to stay at a vacation rental instead of a hotel, but we’ll give you the top four:

1. Avoid loud surroundings and disruptions. Hotels are notorious for unexpected disruptions, loud hallways, crowdedness…we could go on and on. Is this any way to spend your vacation? Of course not. You can sidestep paper thin walls and enjoy a home-away-from-home all to yourself and your family by booking a vacation rental. Instead of noisy neighbors, you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings of nature.

2. Maintain privacy. Along with those aforementioned noisy neighbors, you’ll enjoy a lack of privacy at nearly any hotel you might stay in. Not so at a vacation rental. With the place all to yourself, you can revel in the retreat your vacation should provide. A vacation rental will let you enjoy a getaway to its fullest extent.

3. Save time and money. Hotels often come with a host of fees and tacked-on expenses, and they offer subpar value in many cases. Renting a vacation home, on the other hand, provides maximum value. You can save time, too, by arriving at your accommodation and settling in—don’t worry about valet, check-in, or any of the other obligations you’d encounter at a hotel.

4. Get a full vacation experience. When you’re on vacation, you want to escape from the stress of everyday life. Maybe you’re with friends or family, and you want them to have a good time, too. A luxury rental means you can finish off a day of activities and exploration with true relaxation. Instead of just a place to sleep, it’s a haven to retreat to.

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