Rebellion Is Not Just For Teenagers

If your house is like ours, your mornings have gone through a big change over the last couple of weeks.  School’s back in session, and the lazy days of summer are quickly receding into just a fond memory.  The early morning quiet you enjoyed through the summer is now punctuated with a chorus of grumpy kids getting ready for school, and an impossibly full schedule.  If you allow it to happen, this can be a really depressing time of year.

So don’t let that happen.

Remember when you were 14 and knew so much more about life, love, and philosophy than anyone else? Those were heady days, and our ability to reject virtually any offered advice or criticism was epic. We would grow our hair long or short depending upon what most aggravated our parents, and our music had too many drums played too loudly.  We were in rebellion, and our parents regretted ever having children.

Well, we’ve likely grown out of many of these bad behaviours, but we can still exercise some rebellion.  And we can now direct our rebellion into pursuits that are far more enjoyable than bad clothing or a new tattoo.  While all your friends and neighbors are surrendering to the rigors and pressure of the back to school schedule, you can break out and enjoy life as if you were 14 again.  Plan a weekend getaway to Big Bear!

We just happen to have some rebellion-ready luxurious cabins nestled in Big Bear.  If you want to be really rebellious, add a Friday, Monday, or both to your weekend getaway, so you can make a real vacation out of it.

Every Five Star Big Bear Vacation Rental is a luxurious destination designed specifically to offer a level of comfort and quality design that will have you shedding your pressures as you unwind.  Some of our cabins can accommodate a dozen guests, so you can bring the whole neighborhood if you want.  Or invite the in laws, and have some great family time together.

Browse all our Big Bear properties at this link.  Call us at 310-800-5454 and we’ll be glad to help you plan a great getaway.  Interested in a getaway at one of our other destinations? Browse our properties in  MammothPark CityPalm Springs/La QuintaSouthern California Beaches, or Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.  Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway for rebellious weekend away or a week-long vacation, we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect cabin or estate.

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