The Art of Getting Monday Off, or Great Weekend Getaways

Great weekend getaways don’t just happen by accident.  It has never once happened that a family just woke up one morning and found themselves magically transported to a luxury cabin in the majestic Big Bear forest.  It takes a bit of planning and often some ingenuity to make a great weekend getaway happen.  We certainly strive to make the experience as simple as possible, but it does take a plan.  And with this post, we’ll even help you create the perfect plan.

The biggest problem with any weekend getaway is that you must actually return home when the weekend is over.  Part of being an adult is coping with the harsh realities that life deals us, and this is certainly one of the harshest.  But we have a plan to soften the blow.  With a little bit of planning, you can get Monday off, and this will change the entire feel of your weekend away.  It begins to morph into a mini vacation with the addition of Monday.  Here’s how it works:

Arranging Monday off will have a degree of difficulty that is entirely dependent upon your job.  If you’re self-employed, the boss is a pushover and you have nothing to fear.  If you work for a tyrant, it will take additional wrangling.  You may have accumulated some personal days off, or you may be able to reason with your boss.  Just explain the value of that day off in terms of how it will renew your energy and efficiency upon your return.  Pull worn photos of your children out of your wallet and explain to your boss that studies show children who do not spend weekends away in Big Bear with their family are 72% more likely to enter a life of crime.  Try begging and pleading too.

Once you’ve accomplished this, the rest is easy.  You can book your stay directly online with most of our properties, and we’ll gladly help you book any of them with a quick phone call to us at 310-800-5454.  Then the fun begins.  Now you’ve arranged for a getaway that starts Friday afternoon and runs through the entire weekend.  Come Monday morning when the rest of the world is heading back to work, you can enjoy one last dip in the spa or enjoy your morning coffee out on the deck as you breath in the crisp clean Big Bear air.  You’ll be on the road at about the time everybody else is just taking their lunch break.  Your batteries will be recharged, and you’ll have enjoyed a full weekend of relaxation and fun in your Five Star Vacation Rental.

Call us at 310-800-5454 and we’ll be glad to help you plan a great getaway for just a weekend or several weeks.  Browse our properties in Big BearMammothPark CityPalm Springs/La QuintaSouthern California Beaches, or Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.  Whether you’re planning a weekend hiking getaway or a week-long summer vacation, we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect Big Bear cabin or estate.