Calling All Bargain Hunters: We’ve Got Discounts and You Don’t Need Coupons

Sometimes we’re pulled in by the spectacle of some of those reality TV shows.  We were channel surfing the other night and landed on a program that showed a woman getting several thousand dollars worth of groceries for less than a $100.00.  She had a huge file folder with hundreds of coupons she sorted through.  It looked like this was something she worked on for hours every day and her shopping ended up being an all-day event.  While we’d much rather spend an hour watching a good action adventure show, this one held our interest due to the amazing bargain she landed.  And doesn’t everyone enjoy a good bargain?  Of course we do!

For most of us, we plan out our vacations months in advance.  We arrange our travel and make reservations after researching our options.  That’s the only way to make sure everything comes together when the long-awaited getaway finally arrives.  But some folks may suddenly get a few days off or just decide to take a last-minute vacation. One of the downsides of last-minute vacations is that your options may be limited and often more expensive. If you’ve ever booked a flight at the last minute, we see you nodding your head vigorously right now.  Well, w e have some good news for you bargain hunters out there.

If you realize during your lunch on Thursday that you may actually be able to cut work on Friday, give us a call.  We may have one of our luxury vacation rental units available.  If we do, we may well be able to give you a bit of a discount, so the rental won’t sit vacant over the weekend.  It’s a win-win. You can pay a bit less, and we’ll avoid the vacancy.  We can’t promise we’ll have anything available, but it’s certainly worth a try.  If you’d like to get an occasional email from us with last minute specials, drop us a line at  We’ll let you know when something comes available.  Be sure to add our phone number (310-780-3411) to your contacts, so you can call us as soon as you may get a few days off.  No coupons to collect, and no long lines at the market.  Just call us, and we’ll try to track down a bargain for you.

Check out our luxury vacation rentals in Big Bear,  Park CityPalm Springs/La Quinta Southern California BeachesMammoth Mountain, and  Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. We realize that you get very little vacation time each year, so we’re dedicated to ensuring that your time spent in one of our luxury rentals will be a great value for you and your family.  Call us today at 310-800-5454, and we’ll help you plan the vacation of a lifetime.