New Studies Shows The Key To Happiness Is In a Five Star Vacation Rental

Well, we may be stretching things a bit, but follow along with us.  You’ll see there’s good reason to believe that true happiness can be found in one of our luxurious Five Star Vacation Rental cabins, estates, and condos.

Researchers at Cornell University and San Francisco State University recently completed studies in which individuals were surveyed about recent purchases and experiences.  The object of the studies was to find the source for the greatest happiness among the study participants.  Would they be most happy by acquiring some new material object, or through some shared experience?   As surprising as it may seem, both studies found that we tend to be happier when we have a shared experience than when we buy something new.  The studies found that the joy of a new material purchase fades fairly quickly and is nearly gone with in a matter of weeks.  On the other hand, the memories of an experience shared with others is far more likely to linger and provide lasting joy for a very long time.  There are a number of reasons for this.

We tend to be more open about sharing details about an experience than we are sharing our feelings about a new purchase.  Many of us feel self-conscious about buying something bigger or better than our friends may have, but experiences are usually more about the emotions and activities involved.  And those are much easier and less threatening for many of us to share.

And this is where we step in and provide a height of joy you’ll be smiling about for years to come.  At Five Star Vacation Rentals we have collected some of the finest memory-producing properties to be found anywhere on Earth.  Maybe other planets too.  Our properties are designed to engulf you in a sense of luxury and relaxation unlike anything you have ever known.  We’ve chosen properties located in some of the most beautiful locations to augment the beauty of our luxury estates and cabins.

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