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Planning a Getaway for a Large Group With Five Star Vacation Rentals

If you’ve ever been tasked with planning a getaway for a large group, you’re likely very aware of some of the severe challenges involved. Most groups have specific needs that you need to factor in, and these often make the search more difficult. You’re going to want to locate accommodations that will have your group staying near each other. Reserving several rooms at a hotel may still see your group spread across different floors or buildings. Some in your group may be traveling with kids, and that creates another challenge. And when it comes to meals, the planning escalates trying to arrange for everyone to meet up and plan transportation to nearby restaurants. It can be a real nightmare.

Choosing a luxury property from Five Star Vacation Rentals can resolve many of these issues. We can certainly save you quite a bit of stress, and we may even save you some money over the cost involved in reserving rooms for a large group. Here are a few good examples for your next getaway for a family reunion, church or work group:

Cabin29Our Cabin #29  Chalet Summit is ideally suited for large groups up to 16 with 9 bedrooms and 9.5 baths. 8 of the bedrooms are master suites with their own private baths, so you can see how this will be perfect for multiple families to share. It’s only 2 blocks from Snow Summit, so during ski season this can be an economical way for your ski group to share expenses and enjoy some amazing luxury in the process.

Cabin23If you have an even larger group up to 26, our Cabin #23 is actually three cabins side-by-side with 10 bedrooms and 6.5 baths. This group of cabins offers a great option for larger groups, since you’ll also enjoy 3 kitchens and 3 entirely separate living areas. Family reunions and groups with lots of kids will really enjoy this one. Set the kids up in one of the cabins and just rotate adults in and out to keep an eye on them while the rest of you can enjoy some relaxing time together.

Cabin11aYour large group of up to 28 should also consider another pair of our adjacent cabins we list as Cabin #11 and is actually our adjacent Cabin 15 and Cabin 20. These are both impressive properties, and you’ll be delighted with you stay here. You’ll have a total of 11 bedrooms with 7.5 baths combined. And you’ll also have the added benefit of two entirely separate living areas and kitchens, so it’s easier to split cooking duties or set the kids up in one cabin and let the adults enjoy some quality time together during your stay.

Maria and Kevin Cobb have been hosting guests at luxury vacation rental properties for nearly 20 years. Our goal is always to create a pampered feeling that will enhance whatever event prompted you to choose one of our properties. View all of our Big Bear cabins and luxury estates at this link.  Or give us a call at 310-780-3411, and we’ll help you choose a great property for your perfect holiday getaway.  And if you’d like to explore any of our other destinations, you can be assured that we’re committed to providing top quality cabins, estates, and condos for your next vacation getaway.  We have offices in Newport Beach and Big Bear. Here are links to our properties in Nuevo Vallarta, Mammoth Mountain, Park City, Southern California Beaches, and La Quinta.


Meet Kevin and Maria Cobb, Your Five Star Hosts

Kevin and Maria CobbKevin and Maria Cobb entered the world of luxury vacation rentals almost by accident. They started out with a love of travel, and a strong background in real estate, lending, and the hospitality industry. As any seasoned traveler can tell you, the quality of your experience with the accommodations where you’re staying can play a significant role in your overall enjoyment of any vacation or getaway. With that in mind, and a handful of investment properties, Maria and Kevin launched a vacation rental service with a unique approach. Since vacations are intended to create the best experience possible, they worked to assemble a collection of properties that would have guests feeling truly pampered by enjoying top-quality luxury homes, estates, condos, and cabins in some of the finest destinations.

Kevin and Maria Cobb Expand the Business

It was a bold plan, and it worked. Five Star guests quickly found that they could access some truly amazing properties and estates for about the same cost as they’d spend on a nice hotel. And with many properties equipped to comfortably accommodate up to a dozen guests, it became a perfect solution for larger groups. It’s been almost two decades since Five Star Vacation Rentals began, and during that time we’ve hosted entire wedding parties, anniversaries, family reunions, work and church retreats, and more big family gatherings than we can count.

Vacation Rental Properties

After several resort property owners approached us asking if we might include their properties, we found a number of wonderful homes and estates that added to our own great portfolio. We’re pleased to offer these properties for our avid skiers in Big Bear, Mammoth Mountain, and Park City. Golfers and beach aficionados love to stay with us in our exotic seaside resort in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico. Golfers are also finding themselves a great resort experience in our resorts on some of California’s finest golf courses in La Quinta.

As luxurious and expansive as our properties are, they are only part of the Five Star experience.  We’ve streamlined our checkin and booking experience with custom apps, real-time online booking, and we pay close attention to keeping our properties well maintained. We have a hands-on approach to every guest’s stay, and our top priority is creating a quality experience that has them planning their next visit.

Offices in Newport Beach and Big Bear

Kevin and Maria Cobb stay involved with every rental that we make, and you can often catch them at our Newport Beach or Big Bear office. But you’ll likely see their real work in the quality property you choose for your next stay, and the seamless experience you’ll have with Five Star Vacation Rentals. If you want to learn more about how you can have your luxury property earn more with us, click on this link. And for more info about Kevin and Maria Cobb, visit our about us page.