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Some Five Star New Year’s Resolutions

Most of us are darn near gleeful at the thought of leaving 2020 behind. It’s been a year of challenges and we’re filled with hope for better things in the year ahead. And one of the ways many of us greet the new year is with resolutions. Here are a few of ours:

Cherish the People In Our Lives

When we distill everything down to what’s most important in our lives, we can never get very far away from those we love the most. And our circle of important people often includes our friends, family, coworkers and sometimes just special people we meet along the way. We’re hoping the new year will provide us more chances to express our affection for these people and keep in touch with them more regularly. We hope you’ll find those opportunities for the people in your life as well.

Really Enjoy Life

As we surround ourselves with increasing amounts of technology, we can also get wrapped up in a world that can rob us of some of life’s more refreshing and truly genuine moments. We’re resolving in this new year to actually find some roses along the way and then stop to smell them. And we’re going to pet kittens to hear them purr, find something fun to surprise someone we love with, listen to the wind, the birds, and the ocean. And we’ll make it a point to do silly things once in a while, because it makes our kids laugh.

Enjoy Relaxing Time Away

It’s our business, but it’s also our pleasure. Our motivation for getting into this business is the motivation that keeps us visiting our own properties. We love getting away, feeling pampered, and enjoying the amazing surroundings found at our properties. When we’re in La Quinta, we love an early morning game of golf, followed by an afternoon lounging by pool adjacent to the fairway. Our days in Big Bear often start with a cup of coffee overlooking the forest view followed by an afternoon stroll through the forest and a relaxing evening by the fireplace with wine for the adults and hot chocolate for the kids.

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