Back To School Blues? Take a Deep Breath and Give Us a Call

It’s so hard to believe that school is starting up again.  It seems it was just a few days ago we were all getting excited about the onset of summer, and now we’re seeing Back to School sales and backpacks magically appearing on young shoulders again.  While it’s impossible to get the time back, we can certainly refuse to surrender all of our fun over to the relentless new schedules that face us each fall.

Thank heaven for weekends.  Even when our schedules face the pressures of shoehorning in school events, sports, dance, and work, we can still count on having a couple days that are available for reworking each week.  Yes, even the weekends tend to fill up, but you usually have a larger canvas to paint on each Saturday and Sunday, don’t you?  Well, grab those paints and help your family’s mental health skyrocket by planning a fun weekend getaway for September in one of our Big Bear vacation rentals.  We have dozens of luxury vacation cabins and estates to choose from, and we can recommend any of them for your getaway.

September is such a great time to escape to Big Bear.  While the heat in much of Southern California can quickly turn oppressive, Big Bear’s climate is almost always crisp and cool.  As you crest the hill, you can smile and utter those words you would never say elsewhere:  “Kids!  Roll down the windows and smell the air!”  And as that rush of clean, chilly air fills your car, the relaxation will begin to set in.   Even before you set foot inside the amazing luxury of your Five Star Vacation Rental cabin, your entire family will start to feel the glow.  Your jaw muscles slacken, your neck feels a bit looser, and your affections towards each other will increase.  Soon the car will start to fill with the excited conversations of what to do first:  Take a walk in the woods, head down to the lake, go shopping in the village, and more.

But you may well find all your other plans put on hold once you cross the threshold of your cabin.  First-time guests are always amazed at the luxury and craftsmanship that is apparent in virtually all of our Big Bear vacation rental cabins and estates.  Many of our vacation rentals have forest and lake views.   Each is furnished with an emphasis toward luxury and relaxation.  We have an abundance of chairs and sofas that are specifically designed to swallow you up in great comfort.   You may well find your conversation changing to, “Let’s just hang out here for a while.”  We understand.  That’s exactly what we were hoping you’d say.

Check out all of our Big Bear vacation rentals at this link.  And if you’re in the mood for a getaway elsewhere, follow these links to view our other properties in Park City Southern California BeachesMammoth Mountain, and Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.  A well planned weekend away in a Five Star Vacation Rental cabin or estate will recharge your batteries and equip the entire family for the challenges back at home.   Call us today at 310-800-5454, and we’ll help you plan the vacation of a lifetime.