Summer Events and Great Family Getaways

The official opening of summer is just  days away, and we’re devoting this week’s blog to giving you more reasons to book your family reunion or getaway with us. Summer is the traditional time for families to gather, and there really isn’t a better way to enjoy the family than in one of our great Five Star Vacation Rentals.  Let’s plant a few seeds here and why don’t you see how you can make these grow?

If you’ll recall the last family reunion, Uncle Jerome was assigned to sleep on the couch.  This would be fine with most other relatives, but we must remember that Uncle Jerome is really not like your other relatives.   His bedtime is 8PM sharp, so he chases everyone out of the living room.  He takes command of the sofa and  falls asleep quickly.  His snoring commences within minutes.  And that’s when everyone remembers that Uncle Jerome’s snoring is simply epic.  Those trying to sleep in adjacent rooms endure a sleepless night.  Thankfully,  you’ve prepared your home for earthquakes, so there’s a relatively small amount of property damage.  But what if you could make this year’s reunion entirely different?

Well, we have just the solution.  Rub the sleep out of your eyes, and imagine this year’s reunion entirely differently.  This year, you’ll be renting one of our luxurious Five Star Vacation Rentals.  One of our larger estate properties will have enough bedrooms and beds for each and every family member.  Uncle Jerome’s snoring remains epic, but it is muted behind the door of his oversize room.  When you get up for your midnight snack, it’ll sound like a muted, distant roar as you tiptoe past his room.  Nobody will lose any sleep, and our vacation rentals can withstand the shaking.

Another wonderful part of renting from us is the great choices you have for your destination.  Big Bear is our most popular getaway.  The weather can be sweltering in Los Angeles or Orange County, but most of the summer in Big Bear is cool with crisp mountain breezes.  Everyone in the family will have  something fun to do.  You can go boating on the lake, cycling through town, or hiking in the hills.  But your favorite activity may be just hanging out at your amazing Five Star Vacation rental estate.  You’ll drink in the luxury of your surroundings both inside and outside during your stay.  Check out all our Big Bear properties at this link.

Want to plan your family getaway someplace else?  Check out our luxury vacation rentals in Park City Southern California BeachesMammoth Mountain, and  Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. We realize that you get very little vacation time each year, so we’re dedicated to ensuring that your time spent in one of our luxury rentals will be a great value for your and your family.  Call us today at 310-800-5454, and we’ll help you plan a great family reunion.


Your Own Private Cove on Big Bear Lake

People come to Big Bear for different reasons.  Some are celebrating big occasions like a wedding, anniversary or family reunion.  Others are looking to connect with friends or family by getting some time away together.  And some head up the hill to Big Bear for solitude and to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds you there.  Many of our properties are well-suited to these pursuits, but we’ve just added a new property that has just about everything you could want to enjoy your time in Big Bear.

Our new Boulder Cove Estate on Peninsula Point is perfect for virtually any getaway you may plan.  It has a large floor plan with two master suites.  This makes it perfect for larger groups or two families to share the space.  It’s location right on the lake gives you panoramic views of the cove and all the surrounding area.  The dining area seats 10 at a single sitting, and the gourmet kitchen allows you to cook up a great meal you’ll all enjoy.  After dinner, you can all retire out to one of the decks where you’ll enjoy the cool breeze off the lake.  There’s also a barbecue and spa out there, so be sure to plan for that as well.  If one of you has a good day fishing, you can have a barbecue lunch followed by an evening relaxing in the spa.

But whatever you may do, you’ll be constantly reminded of the luxury that surrounds you in this amazing cabin.   Enjoy the theater sound system with a fun old movie on the big screen TV as you relax in the warmth of the leather seating.  Take the stairway down to your private cove, and sit with friends and family while you enjoy the sounds of the gently lapping water on the rocks.  You’ll feel like the stress and pressures of life are a million miles away.  And for the time you spend at our Boulder Cove Estate, they will be.

Here’s the link to view all of our Big Bear cabins and estates.  Also, be sure to check out our luxury vacation rentals in Park CityPalm Springs/La Quinta Southern California BeachesMammoth Mountain, and  Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. We realize that you get very little vacation time each year, so we’re dedicated to ensuring that your time spent in one of our luxury rentals will be a great value for you and your family.  Call us today at 310-800-5454, and we’ll help you plan the vacation of a lifetime.

Hello Easter, Summer’s on the Way

Easter vacation is already here, and lots of folks are getting their first glimpse of summer on the horizon.  It’s amazing that the year is slipping away so quickly.  This is a great time to start planning your summer getaway to one of our Five Star Vacation Rentals.  Here’s just a sampling of our luxury getaways:

Mighty Bear Manor in Big Bear is a consistent favorite with our guests.  The first thing you’ll notice is the huge carved bear that greets you as you walk up the driveway.  Towering 16 feet tall, this huge creature offers a preview of the grand size you’ll enjoy during your stay.  This cabin has the look and feel of a mountain chalet with amazing attention paid to the best furnishings to make sure you can relax in great luxury.  As you relax, you’ll enjoy incredible views of the slopes and the lake.  The cabin has 7 bedrooms, so there’s plenty of room for your extended family or group up to 16 people.  You’ll be shooting pool, playing ping pong or just relaxing in front of one of the fireplaces.  It’ll be a great time for your entire family.

Sky High Estate is another great cabin in Big Bear.  With 6 bedrooms and 4.5 baths, there’s plenty of room to spread out for your entire family.  Two of the bedrooms are masters and one has its own fireplace.  Though you’ll enjoy feeling like you’re living in the trees far away from civilization, the cabin as just a few minutes walk from the restaurants and shops in the Village.  You can enjoy hiking right out the backyard, or stay in and play a friendly game of pool.  The views are just amazing throughout the cabin, so you’ll be torn with relaxing and enjoying the view or grabbing your hiking boots to trek out into the trees.  It’s a great dilemma that will have you feeling relaxed whichever you may choose.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll highlight more of our vacation rental cabins, estates and condos.  We’ve got lots of opportunities for you and your family to have a truly amazing vacation this summer.  Take a look at all our Big Bear cabins at this link.  And if you’d like to explore any of our other destinations, you can be assured that we’re committed to providing top quality cabins, estates, and condos for your next vacation getaway.  Here are links to our other properties in  Park City, UtahPalm Springs/La Quinta Southern California Beaches Mammoth Mountain, and Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.  Give us a call at 310-780-3411, and we’ll be happy to help you make the reservation for your next getaway.

New Studies Shows The Key To Happiness Is In a Five Star Vacation Rental

Well, we may be stretching things a bit, but follow along with us.  You’ll see there’s good reason to believe that true happiness can be found in one of our luxurious Five Star Vacation Rental cabins, estates, and condos.

Researchers at Cornell University and San Francisco State University recently completed studies in which individuals were surveyed about recent purchases and experiences.  The object of the studies was to find the source for the greatest happiness among the study participants.  Would they be most happy by acquiring some new material object, or through some shared experience?   As surprising as it may seem, both studies found that we tend to be happier when we have a shared experience than when we buy something new.  The studies found that the joy of a new material purchase fades fairly quickly and is nearly gone with in a matter of weeks.  On the other hand, the memories of an experience shared with others is far more likely to linger and provide lasting joy for a very long time.  There are a number of reasons for this.

We tend to be more open about sharing details about an experience than we are sharing our feelings about a new purchase.  Many of us feel self-conscious about buying something bigger or better than our friends may have, but experiences are usually more about the emotions and activities involved.  And those are much easier and less threatening for many of us to share.

And this is where we step in and provide a height of joy you’ll be smiling about for years to come.  At Five Star Vacation Rentals we have collected some of the finest memory-producing properties to be found anywhere on Earth.  Maybe other planets too.  Our properties are designed to engulf you in a sense of luxury and relaxation unlike anything you have ever known.  We’ve chosen properties located in some of the most beautiful locations to augment the beauty of our luxury estates and cabins.

To view our Big Bear vacation rental cabins, visit our Big Bear page at this link.  We can also help you plan your holiday in one our other destinations as well. Check out our luxury vacation rentals in Park CityPalm Springs/La Quinta Southern California BeachesMammoth Mountain, and  Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. We realize that you get very little vacation time each year, so we’re dedicated to ensuring that your time spent in one of our luxury rentals will be a great value for your and your family.  Call us today at 310-800-5454, and we’ll help you plan the vacation of a lifetime.


Looking For a Warm Christmas? Five Star Vacation Rentals Has the Answer

Lots of folks who live in Southern California have landed here from other parts of the country where the weather is not quite as nice as ours.  Well, now that we think about it, NO place really has weather nearly as nice as ours, right?  These transplanted Californians delight in some things that are completely foreign to us natives.  For example, never once has your faithful blogger delighted in NOT having to shovel snow.  In fact, he has never even held a snow shovel.  But if you were born and raised in Minnesota, that simple statement would set your head spinning with a great big smile on your face.  Southern California is sort of like the Emerald City to these folks. It’s a dream land where nobody really needs a heavy coat, black ice is something you get when you pour Coke into the ice tray, and the sun actually seems to shine brightly almost every day of the year.  Yes, Toto, you really aren’t in, err, Minnesota any more.

Not our idea of fun.  Is it yours?
Not our idea of fun. Is it yours?

Many of these folks become then envy of their less-fortunate relatives still trapped in the arctic climates from which they fled.  And the contrast in the weather is never so dramatic as when the holidays arrive.  Your weekly phone conversation with Uncle Julius in Minneapolis invariably covers exactly how long it took him to shovel out the  driveway so he could find the car.  And if he’s really lucky, he’ll tell about the wonderful new snowblower he just bought.  You can smile and tell him about the wonderful new lawnmower you just bought.  It’s quickly apparent that the two of you — though once neighbors — now reside on entirely different planets.

But the holidays are a time for gathering with friends and family from all the far flung areas they’ve landed.  And it would be a crime NOT to offer a brief respite to those you love by hosting your own holiday get-together at one of our luxurious Southern California or Mexico vacation rentals.   You’ll certainly be more popular with the snow-bound relatives, and you may decide to become a Realtor so you can profit from the relocation that many of them will begin planning as soon as they return home and their feet hit the hard, frozen soil.  Be sure to tell them you can get them seats at the Rose Parade, and they won’t need a parka for it either.

We have some great choices for a warm-weather winter getaway.  All of our vacation rental units are luxuriously furnished and promise to provide an amazing setting for your family and friends to enjoy the holidays together.

Our Southern California beach homes are located within walking distance of the beach and offer an amazing level of luxury.  The beach homes are also ideally located to serve as a home base for visiting all of Southern California’s favorite attractions from Sea World, just a couple hours to the south, and Hollywood studios an hour or so to the north.  Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm are even closer.  Click here for a closer look at our Southern California beach homes.

This is your view from the balcony at Villa La Estancia. Notice that there's not a snow shovel in sight.

If you have a very large group, our best accommodations may be with our Villa La Estancia Mexican resort vacation rentals located right on the beach in Puerto Nuevo.  We have 16 units available in the resort, so we can accomodate a group of virtually any size.  The resort is located just a few minute’s drive from the  Puerto Vallarta Airport, and all southern California airports offer direct flights.  Trust us, Aunt Mildred from Detroit will rewrite her will to include you after she spends an hour in the on-site spa at Villa La Estancia.  In addition to the ocean swimming and boating, all the golfers in your group will enjoy the championship golf courses nearby as well.  Good luck getting them all back on the plane to Minnesota after that!  Click here to view our Villa La Estancia vacation rentals.

Our Palm Springs/La Quinta vacation rentals are a special delight during the holidays.  Palm Springs pulls out all the stops at Christmas time, and the entire family will delight in great shopping, shows, and amazing restaurants.  Our vacation rentals are right on the golf course, so you can have everybody back east dust off their clubs and enjoy a few rounds while their neighbors back home will be lifting nothing but their snow shovels.  It makes for a perfectly delightful time.  You can look at our Palm Springs/La Quinta properties on this page.

Give us a call today at 310-780-3411, and we’ll help you plan your ideal family vacation.  Your vacation time is very special, so don’t gamble with it.  Our goal is to offer you a level of luxury that you just won’t find anywhere else.








Dreaming of a White Christmas? That’s One of Our Specialties

One of the great things about Southern California is the close proximity we have to so many diverse climates and activities.  We can travel east for a short time and quickly change from city living into the desert communities of Palm Springs and La Quinta.  We travel west and hit the amazing shoreline with beaches and fishing.  Just a short drive to the south, and we can enter Mexico, which we’re convinced offers the most authentic, um, Mexican food, on the planet.  And within just a couple hours drive of virtually anywhere in Los Angeles or Orange County, you can find yourself at some of the most popular theme parks and movie studios.  It’s really an amazing place, but perhaps even more so during the winter.

Big Bear skiing awaits

Winter brings a new element to Southern California that is found in very few places on earth.  Within a single day and just a couple hours drive you can go from wearing short sleeves and shorts, to skiing down a mountainside covered with fresh powder snow.  There’s really nothing quite like it anywhere else.  And for many Southern Californians, the opportunity to spend some time in the snow is something they really look forward to.  We understand.  We feel the same way.

The great thing about our Big Bear vacation rentals is the amazing amount of activities available for the family.  With the slopes at Bear Mountain and Snow Summit, there’s enough skiing to keep even the most avid skier smiling for many days.  But in addition to the skiing, Big Bear has some of the best shopping you’ll find anywhere.  Local arts and crafts can be found in many of the Village shops.  There is a huge variety of local restaurants and other activities as well.  Take a look at our Big Bear vacation rentals on this page, or call us at 310-780-3411 to book your getaway.

Our Mammoth Mountain condos are right on the slopes and offer some of the best skiing you’ll find anywhere in the world.  We offer ski-in/ski-out units, so that you can enjoy every last moment  your heart desires racing down the slopes.   Our units have shopping on-site and are the best home base possible for your next ski trip.  Click here to take a look at our vacation condos at Mammoth Mountain.

Mammoth has miles and miles of ski runs

We’re also pleased to offer a beautiful Park City condo right the base of Park City Mountain located next to the Three Kings, First Time, and Eagle chairlifts.  This luxury vacation rental has cathedral ceilings and a balcony overlooking the slopes.  So pack your skis and give us a call.  You’re certain to smile until your face hurts with this one.  Here’s the direct link to our Park City condo.

We’ve got so many great choices for your snow vacation, it may seem a bit overwhelming.  Please give us a call at 310-780-3411, and we’ll be glad to help you choose the best vacation rental for your winter getaway.


December Events in Big Bear

December is one of the most magical months to visit Big Bear.  Most years we’ve had snow on and off for a few weeks, and the holidays are right around the corner.  We recommend you book your December getaway early to make sure you get the right cabin.  Here are a few things to look forward to during your Big Bear stay in one of our vacation rental cabins:

Skiing.  Lots of Sking

December usually has good skiing conditions at Bear Mountain and Snow Summit. We’re often busiest on the weekends, so there can be shorter lift waits during the week.  We may also have a wider selection of cabins available during the week as well.  Give us a call a 310-780-3411 and we’ll help you pick out the best cabin for your getaway. There’s really nothing like having fun all day on the slopes and then have the pleasure arriving back at your luxurious cabin to relax and prepare to do it all again the next day.

Gather Your Little Animal Lovers

The Big Bear Alpine Zoo has some great events planned for December.  At noon each day one of the zoo keepers will bring out one of the animals to allow a closer look and provide more details.  It could be an owl, a raccoon, or even an eagle.  Then later at 3pm, you’ll have a chance to follow one of the zookeepers as they make their rounds feeding the animals.  It’s a great time to learn more about many of the animals and get a behind-the-scenes view of running the zoo.  There’s no extra charge for these activities, so you may want to head over at noon and stay past 3pm.  The zoo is centrally located to much of Big Bear.  Here’s a map to the zoo.

Free Nature Walks at the Big Bear Discovery Center

This is another great family outing.  The Discovery center hosts 30 minute walks each weekend that describe some of the plants, animals, and history of Big Bear.  The walks are great for families with kids of all ages.  The walks are not strenuous, so even the little ones can have a grand time exploring some forest trails.  For specific times and location, visit the Discovery Center’s website at, or give them a call at (909) 382-2790.

Enjoy a Night Out With “Oliver”

Big Bear’s community theater group has its holiday performances of “Oliver” playing the end of November through December 1st and 2nd. This is a real crowd-pleaser, and one that is designed to keep the entire family entertained.  Visit their website at, or call the box office at (909) 866-4970.  If your kids have never had the fun of enjoying live theater, this can be an amazing treat performed by a group of local artists.

Isn't it time to introduce your kids to Frosty?

A White Christmas for Your Family

Many of us in Southern California hardly ever see snow other than on TV.  But there is a real joy to be found in gathering with family and friends in the snowy mountains of Big Bear.  Even if you don’t plan on skiing, a Christmas in Big Bear may well be one that creates a lifetime of great memories for your family.  And if you book early enough, you may be able to get one of our larger cabins that will have room for up to 16 family members.   City kids will delight at being able to run outside and build their first snowman.  If their feet and noses start getting too cold, they can run back in and get warmed up in front of the fireplace.  When their friends ask them about their Christmas vacation, they’ll have lots of great memories to tell.

Call us at 310-780-3411 to book your December getaway.  Winter is always our busiest time, so we encourage you to make your plans early for the best selection among our luxury cabins. Browse all of our Big Bear cabins on this page.  If you’re looking for a getaway someplace else, please be sure to look at our luxury rentals in  Park City,Palm Springs/La Quinta Southern California Beaches Mammoth Mountain, and  Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.  Regardless of where you may go, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that Five Star Vacation Rentals is working to make your vacation relaxing and memorable.  We know that your vacation time is very special.

Be sure to check back next week.  We’ll have more things to do during your December getaway to Big Bear.