December Events in Big Bear

December is one of the most magical months to visit Big Bear.  Most years we’ve had snow on and off for a few weeks, and the holidays are right around the corner.  We recommend you book your December getaway early to make sure you get the right cabin.  Here are a few things to look forward to during your Big Bear stay in one of our vacation rental cabins:

Skiing.  Lots of Sking

December usually has good skiing conditions at Bear Mountain and Snow Summit. We’re often busiest on the weekends, so there can be shorter lift waits during the week.  We may also have a wider selection of cabins available during the week as well.  Give us a call a 310-780-3411 and we’ll help you pick out the best cabin for your getaway. There’s really nothing like having fun all day on the slopes and then have the pleasure arriving back at your luxurious cabin to relax and prepare to do it all again the next day.

Gather Your Little Animal Lovers

The Big Bear Alpine Zoo has some great events planned for December.  At noon each day one of the zoo keepers will bring out one of the animals to allow a closer look and provide more details.  It could be an owl, a raccoon, or even an eagle.  Then later at 3pm, you’ll have a chance to follow one of the zookeepers as they make their rounds feeding the animals.  It’s a great time to learn more about many of the animals and get a behind-the-scenes view of running the zoo.  There’s no extra charge for these activities, so you may want to head over at noon and stay past 3pm.  The zoo is centrally located to much of Big Bear.  Here’s a map to the zoo.

Free Nature Walks at the Big Bear Discovery Center

This is another great family outing.  The Discovery center hosts 30 minute walks each weekend that describe some of the plants, animals, and history of Big Bear.  The walks are great for families with kids of all ages.  The walks are not strenuous, so even the little ones can have a grand time exploring some forest trails.  For specific times and location, visit the Discovery Center’s website at, or give them a call at (909) 382-2790.

Enjoy a Night Out With “Oliver”

Big Bear’s community theater group has its holiday performances of “Oliver” playing the end of November through December 1st and 2nd. This is a real crowd-pleaser, and one that is designed to keep the entire family entertained.  Visit their website at, or call the box office at (909) 866-4970.  If your kids have never had the fun of enjoying live theater, this can be an amazing treat performed by a group of local artists.

Isn't it time to introduce your kids to Frosty?

A White Christmas for Your Family

Many of us in Southern California hardly ever see snow other than on TV.  But there is a real joy to be found in gathering with family and friends in the snowy mountains of Big Bear.  Even if you don’t plan on skiing, a Christmas in Big Bear may well be one that creates a lifetime of great memories for your family.  And if you book early enough, you may be able to get one of our larger cabins that will have room for up to 16 family members.   City kids will delight at being able to run outside and build their first snowman.  If their feet and noses start getting too cold, they can run back in and get warmed up in front of the fireplace.  When their friends ask them about their Christmas vacation, they’ll have lots of great memories to tell.

Call us at 310-780-3411 to book your December getaway.  Winter is always our busiest time, so we encourage you to make your plans early for the best selection among our luxury cabins. Browse all of our Big Bear cabins on this page.  If you’re looking for a getaway someplace else, please be sure to look at our luxury rentals in  Park City,Palm Springs/La Quinta Southern California Beaches Mammoth Mountain, and  Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.  Regardless of where you may go, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that Five Star Vacation Rentals is working to make your vacation relaxing and memorable.  We know that your vacation time is very special.

Be sure to check back next week.  We’ll have more things to do during your December getaway to Big Bear.

Planning Your Big Bear Ski Getaway With Five Star Vacation Rentals

Well, the kids and their crazy costumes have come and gone.  The seasonal changing of our clocks is just a couple days away, and it’s time for serious skiers to get about planning their first big ski getaway for the season.  And we’re here to help you choose the best vacation rental for your getaway.

Planning a Big Bear Ski Getaway

It's time to teach the kids to ski!

Big Bear is certainly our most popular winter getaway. People travel from all over the world to enjoy the amazing slopes each winter. And the community of Big Bear is one of the most desirable for the time you’ll spend off the slopes as well.

When you’re hitting the slopes, you’ll find downhill runs catered for all skill levels. It’s a great opportunity for a family outing to spend time with your kids teaching them a hobby they’ll enjoy for the rest of their lives. Years from now, you’ll probably smile when your kids tell the story of the first time mom or dad took them skiing. For a parent, there are few memories more joyous than the excited giggles of your children tumbling in the snow as they try out skis for the first time. And no matter how cold and wet you may get, you can retreat to the warm luxury of your Five Star Vacation Rental just a few minutes away from the slopes. Cold toes and frozen noses will soon evaporate into the warmth of a roaring fire or a steaming hot tub. Early the next day the kids will likely wake you up by bouncing on your bed, begging for you to rush them back to the slopes again. These are the moments that make parenting worthwhile.

We suggest choosing one of two approaches for your ski getaway.  If your vacation time is not flexible, call us today and we’ll work with you to find the best cabin for the size of your group and whatever amenities you’d prefer on the specific dates you wish.  If you have some flexibility and can getaway at the last moment, give us a call when you’re ready.  We’ll find whatever last-minute vacation rental cabins may be available for your stay.  Either way, we’ll work with you to get a great cabin at a great rate.

The ride up is almost as much fun as the ride down.

Snow Summit usually opens sometime during November.  The first runs last year started on about the 10th of November.  Watch the weather reports, and be sure to call us as soon as you get your dates.  Our cabins fill up fast once the skiing begins.   As the season progresses, we’ll be sure to blog details about all the winter fun available in Big Bear beyond the slopes.  Many of our winter guests in Big Bear have a wonderful time without ever putting on a pair of skis.

And don’t forget that we have amazing luxury rentals available in several more locations as well.  If you’re planning your winter getaway somewhere other than Big Bear, we can help as well in the following areas:  Park City, Utah, Palm Springs/La Quinta Southern California Beaches Mammoth Mountain, and  Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. At Five Star Vacation Rentals we realize that your time away on vacation is important, and we treat it that way. We are constantly working to ensure that your stay in one of our luxury rentals is an experience you’ll always remember fondly and want to repeat often.

Call us today at 310-780-3411 to book your next getaway.

Five Star Vacation Rentals Cabin Featured in New Film

Filming in our kitchen

We’re so excited about this, we can barely sit still.  We received a phone call today from filmmaker Jillian O’Neil.  She rented our Big Bear cabin #1 a while ago to use in a new film she was making, “A Separate Life.”  And today she calls us to let us know the film was finished a while ago, and will be featured in the upcoming Big Bear Film Festival.  Watch a trailer for the movie at this link.  You’ll note that our cabin did not once flub its lines.

The film has turned out to be quite a success, and movie goers all around the world have been watching Jillian’s compelling drama acted out in our lovely cabin.  The film was screened at the Cannes Film Festival, and Jillian won the Best New Director award from the Action On Film International Film Festival last summer.  But as much as we love Jillian’s new film, we just couldn’t take our eyes off that lovely cabin in the background. . . .   But don’t you expect that from us?

Jillian told us that her film is on the schedule at the Big Bear Film Festival for September 16th, and as we write this blog, the starring cabin is still available for that weekend.  For all you film buffs out there, how cool would that be to go see the movie and then spend the weekend in the cabin where it was filmed?  Call us right away at 310-780-3411 for this last minute booking.

Hollywood comes to Big Bear

And even if you’re not a film buff, this cabin is a consistent favorite with our guests.  From the dramatic open ceilings to the large country kitchen, there’s a whole lot to like about this cabin.  If you enjoy hiking, the national forest is only 3 lots away where you can hike to spots with incredible views of the lake.  The Big Bear zoo and golf course are also within walking distance.

Browse all of our Big Bear cabins on this page.  If you’re planning a vacation somewhere other than Big Bear, please be sure to look at our luxury rentals in Park City,Palm Springs/La QuintaSouthern California BeachesMammoth Mountain, and Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.  Regardless of where you may go, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that Five Star Vacation Rentals is working to make your vacation relaxing and memorable.  Give us a call at 310-780-3411, and we’ll be glad to help you put together a vacation that will be the one your family just keeps smiling about for years to come.

Introducing Our Newest Big Bear Vacation Rental Cabin, and Great Solutions For Large Groups

As Five Star Vacation Rentals continues to grow, we’re excited to also grow in our ability to cater to the unique needs of larger groups. We just added our newest property this week, and it boasts the largest guest capacity of any of our properties.

Room for your group of 24

If you’ve ever been involved in planning a getaway for a larger group, you’re well aware of the hurdles you face. First you need to find a hotel with sufficient rooms available for dates you want. Then you need to coordinate with your group to make room assignments, track keys and arrival times, be sure nobody abuses the hotel mini-bar to run up your bill and much more. It can be a real headache. That’s why we’re so excited to offer a better solution that typically costs much less and provides much more quality time for your group. While you may work hard elsewhere simply to find enough space to sleep, with Five Star Vacation Rentals, you’ll create a place for your group to gather. And isn’t that what you’re really looking for?  It’s the difference between fighting to find enough tables at the local restaurant so you can seat  your group in a noisy, crowded dining room, or gathering everyone together around a huge dining table where you can relax and enjoy each other’s company for as long as you like.  And there will be no fighting over the tip!

Meadowbrook Estate
Luxurious main cabin with 1200 square foot guest cabin

Our newest Big Bear vacation rental cabin has room for 24 guests. This secluded Meadowbrook Estate sits on 5 acres and has a huge main cabin with a 1200 square foot guest cabin. The two cabins combined offer 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms with room for 24 guests.  This luxurious resort cabin boasts fine workmanship and materials throughout.  It has a professional-grade kitchen so you can keep your group smiling with delicious meals for the entire gathering.  Its outdoor spa will be a big hit with both the kids and adults.  The windows look out over the acreage, so you can further enjoy the seclusion.  View more details about this amazing property on this page.

If you have a group of up to 26, we have 3 of our Big Bear cabins (Cabin #3, Cabin #9, and Cabin #16)  located next door to each other offering space for 26 guests with a total of 10 bedrooms and 6-1/2 baths.

We also have a number of cabins with room for 16 guests that can be a great option for your group as well.  Just call one of our friendly customer service agents, and we’ll be happy to help you plan out the perfect getaway for your family reunion, holiday getaway, or church retreat.  You can reach us at 310-780-3411.  Browse all of our Big Bear vacation rental cabins on this page.

If you’re planning a vacation somewhere other than Big Bear, please be sure to look at our luxury rentals in Park City,Palm Springs/La QuintaSouthern California BeachesMammoth Mountain, and Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.  We’re here to help you create a vacation getaway that will keep you smiling for months to come!