Invest Your Tax Return in a Big Bear Getaway

Are you, like countless other people, counting on getting a tax return this season? If so, it’s proof that you’ve worked hard and long the past year. A famous philosopher once said that all work and no play is a really bad idea, so why don’t you take the extra funds from your tax return and book a weekend getaway in Big Bear? Whether you envision a family trip or some time for the grown-ups, Big Bear has all the activities you can imagine, and Five Star Vacation Rental can supply the luxurious cabin to make your getaway complete.

Taking a vacation can alleviate all of the stress you didn’t even know you had. A 9 to 5 job or even a less traditional schedule can place a burden on you that will eventually begin to wear you down. People who truly love their jobs still need to take time off, and you’re no different. Putting your tax return towards a vacation rental in Big Bear may be one of the best investments you make. So if your trip is for relaxation, what exactly does the town have to offer?

That depends on your definition of relaxing. If you’re a naturophile, Big Bear’s lush forests, hiking trails, and scenic lake will be enough to draw you in and clear your mind. You can walk out the front door of your vacation rental and take in the beauty that surrounds you. If you’re more relaxed by the idea of pampering, though, Big Bear offers a number of luxury spas where you can unwind, get a massage, and indulge in other treatments that will melt your stress away. Perhaps the most effective luxury to invest in, however, is a premium vacation rental. No matter what you do during your trip, retiring to a cabin with all of the amenities and luxuries you need will truly make your trip unforgettable.

Big Bear is ta fantastic destination if you’re seeking relaxation and a quick getaway, but Five Star Vacation Rental also serves locales such as Nuevo Vallarta, Mammoth Mountain, Park City, Southern California Beaches, and La Quinta. We provide the same level of luxury in all of our accommodations, and we aim to make clients feel relaxed when they rent one of our properties. If you are ready to plan a getaway to Big Bear, or any of the other areas we serve, you can call 310-780-3411 to speak with our staff.

Don’t Rent a Hotel When You Can Stay in Style

Different people have different standards when traveling. Some people will prioritize finding the most affordable accommodations, while others will demand the most exquisite luxury. What if the most luxurious accommodations were also the best value? Well, folks, it isn’t too good to be true. Allow us to present the following reasons why choosing a vacation rental might, in fact, be a better bang for your buck. Not to mention, a better experience and a better place to make memories.

The differences between a hotel room and a vacation rental are plentiful. While a hotel may place you in a cramped room within close proximity to loud neighbors, a vacation rental gives you all of the space and privacy you could ever crave. You need not worry about crying babies or any other late-night sounds drifting over from adjacent rooms. Instead, you can relax and rest freely in a space that’s entirely yours.

Region capture 19Unless, of course, you decide to share it! A vacation rental is the ideal way to share a vacation with your family or with other travelers. Unlike other accommodations, a rental gives you the ability to welcome guests as you please. Parking is also no longer an issue. While a hotel might charge you to park, the area surrounding your rental is also free game for your use, so you and any guests joining you can park without worry. Eliminating the potential charge of parking can result in substantial savings.

You can also save by utilizing the gourmet kitchen in your vacation rental and cooking meals instead of eating out. While sampling local food is, of course, part of your trip, you can make memories cooking with professional-grade amenities. This can save you the cost of several meals and make your vacation even more special. If the goal of your trip is to relax and escape, you deserve a space in which you can do so. A vacation rental from Five Star Vacation Rental offers features and luxury that beat what any hotel might offer as well as an experience that is truly invaluable.

While Big Bear is our most popular destination, you can also enjoy some quality time in our other great luxury vacation rentals:  Nuevo Vallarta, Mammoth Mountain, Park City, Southern California Beaches, and La Quinta. With Five Star Vacation Rentals, you can be assured that your vacation time will be a time of true relaxation and enjoyment for your family.  We recognize that most families today get precious little vacation time, and we work hard to help make sure your time away will be memorable and meaningful. Our staff is ready to answer your questions and help you put together a great vacation.  Give us a call 310-780-3411.

The Joys of Spring Break in Big Bear

 Nothing inspires enthusiasm in a kid’s heart quite like the promise of a break from school. Spring break is second only to summer in its ability to give a student the courage and perseverance needed to carry through weeks and weeks of school work. Spring break is coming up, in fact, and you’ve likely been fielding questions from kids about what activities are planned. Your kids don’t have to be the only ones getting a break, though. You can plan a getaway for the entire family that will refresh, rejuvenate, and reunite you all. A luxury cabin in Big Bear is the destination for all the Spring Break fun a family can handle.

Bambina su cavalloAs we’ve mentioned, March is a perfect time of year to visit Big Bear for many reasons. Though the landscapes in the town are always beautiful, there’s an ethereal charm that comes as seasons transition, and it’s an optimal time to embark on activities like a nature walk. You can wander through the mountainous forests to watch birds and squirrels. If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of some larger wildlife, or spy on the deer that often frolic among the trees. Sights like this are a welcome break from the monotony of school, but they can still provide valuable learning opportunities.

If kids want to get even more up-close-and-personal with animals, horseback riding in Big Bear is the perfect chance to do so. Baldwin Lake Stables is just one provider that offers pony rides, horseback riding in nature, and a small petting zoo. Nothing beats spending Spring Break riding horses and relaxing in the comfort of a luxurious cabin in Big Bear.

Five Star Vacation Rental offers cabins with stunning views, gourmet kitchens, and unparalleled luxury. Spring Break only comes once a year, and when it does, you should make the most of the chance to plan a getaway. Our rentals truly make the difference between a good vacation and a great one. If you’re ready to have the Big Bear adventure of a lifetime, spend it in the comfort of a premium vacation rental.

Big Bear is our top Spring Break destination, but if you’re looking for a more exotic vacation, we also maintain rentals in  Nuevo Vallarta, Mammoth Mountain, Park City, Southern California Beaches, and La Quinta. No matter what city you are visiting, staying in a Five Star Vacation Rental property will ensure that you experience the absolute best in luxury accommodations. We would be glad to help you plan your vacation to Big Bear or elsewhere, so if you would like more information, you can reach out to us by calling 310-780-3411.

Spending St. Patty’s in Big Bear

St. Patrick’s Day means something a little bit different to everybody. For kids, it’s a warning to wear green or be pinched, and for adults, it might be the rare opportunity to drink green beer. Its origins have seemingly gotten lost in translation, but you’re bound to have fun on a holiday devoted to lucky clovers, pots of gold, and leprechauns. A day this silly deserves to be celebrated unabashedly, and there’s no better place to do that than in Big Bear while luxuriating in one of the finest vacation rentals available. Renting a cabin in Big Bear might mean it’s your friends who spend St. Patrick’s Day green with envy!

If you’re planning to chase rainbows on a hunt for pots of gold, the weekend of March 17th might be the time to do it. If you had other activities in mind, though, Big Bear has lots to offer. March is a particularly beautiful time to visit. Snow starts to melt off, amusement abounds, and outdoor activities, as always, provide more than enough entertainment. You can spend the day exploring one of Big Bear’s many lush forest areas, and though you likely won’t find gold, you may find some four-leafed clovers. Nothing is quite as lucky as getting to relax in a premium Big Bear cabin, though.

If you’d rather spend the day celebrating in a more traditional manner, adults can enjoy the festivities that will be hosted at many local bars and taverns. Nottinghams Tavern is just one destination you can stop by for food, drinks and a great social scene. St. Patrick’s Day is sure to provide a lively party scene, but whether or not green beer will on the menu, we’re not sure.

Big Bear is known for its beautifully green landscapes, so what better place could there be to spend St. Patrick’s Day? And your trip won’t be complete without booking a luxury vacation rental from Five Star Vacation Rentals. Other rentals don’t compare to the designer features, stunning layouts, and immaculate beauty of our cabins. Don’t be surprised if you visit Big Bear and find that you’d prefer to stay inside all day!

Big Bear is our most popular locale, but we offer incredible rentals for a variety of other destinations, too. So if St. Patty’s in Big Bear is not your cup of tea, you can book Five Star Vacation rentals in Nuevo Vallarta, Mammoth Mountain, Park City, Southern California Beaches, and La Quinta. Most people don’t get to vacation often, so we go above and beyond to ensure that when you’re staying in one of our rentals, you are enjoying the finest luxury and relaxation. If you’d like more information, you can reach out to our friendly staff by calling 310-780-3411.

Why Not ‘Spring Forward’ Into a Big Bear Vacation Rental?

There’s nothing quite like being robbed of an hour of sleep. Alas, Father Time isn’t always on our side, and so we begin the springtime season with Daylight Savings. If you’re like most people, the adjustment will be a little difficult, but waking up in a luxury cabin can help soften the blow. Losing an hour of sleep isn’t so bad, after all, if the rest of the night is spent in the comfort of a vacation rental’s warm, cozy bed. Daylight Savings isn’t just a great excuse to rent a cabin, though, it’s also one of the most beautiful times of year that you can plan a visit to Big Bear.

As the clocks spring forward, winter gives way to the welcoming brightness of spring. This is a fantastic time to come visit, since most of the snow has started to melt off, and activities during this season often take place around the lake. Fish species such trout and bass populate the water and make for ideal fishing conditions. Amateur fishers and seasoned pros alike are welcome to bring their bait and catch some of the lake’s plentiful fish population.

ChildhoodOther activities include biking along one of many mountain trails nestled in nature as spring blooms. The snow that covers many of the paths in winter will melt off and open up opportunities for anybody who’d prefer a bike experience with a little more traction than snow provides. There are vendors nearby who supply bike rentals, and you can also book a spot on a guided tour if you’d like to bike along in a group. Biking in the beautiful landscape that spring reveals is a wonderful adventure.

The only thing that might rival the fun and activities of Big Bear itself is the luxury and relaxation you’ll find in a Five Star Vacation Rental. Our properties combine the absolute best of comfort and high-end accommodations, with gourmet kitchens, designer features, and gorgeous fireplaces throughout many of our rentals. You’ll find that the excitement of a day in the town may be matched by the excitement of settling in and relaxing in the comfort of your vacation rental.

While Big Bear is our most popular destination, you can also enjoy some quality time in our other great luxury vacation rentals:  Nuevo Vallarta, Mammoth Mountain, Park City, Southern California Beaches, and La Quinta. With Five Star Vacation Rentals, you can be assured that your vacation time will be a time of true relaxation and enjoyment for your family.  We recognize that most families today get precious little vacation time, and we work hard to help make sure your time away will be memorable and meaningful. Our staff is ready to answer your questions and help you put together a great vacation.  Give us a call 310-780-3411.

Live a Life With No Regrets. Book a Vacation Rental In Big Bear

Woman with stains on shirt

As adults we’re forced to feed and clothe both ourselves and our children.  We have bills to pay, and we face the heartbreak of staining our favorite shirt or brushing against wet paint in our lucky jeans. Life is not fair.

While Five Star Vacation Rentals cannot resolve the cosmic truth of unfairness, we can help you break your personal cycle of bad choices.  Does this describe you? The weekend arrives, and you’re just hanging out. You wander out to the garage, and see your skis over in a dark corner gathering dust. Then you remember that Big Bear has a huge snowpack with machine groomed powder. You vow that next weekend will be different.  You vow that you will never suffer the regret of another wasted weekend.

We’re here to help you resolve your regret and live life to the fullest.  We have collected the finest luxury cabins and estates on this or any other planet.  We have convenient booking on our website, and a helpful staff available to answer any questions or help you choose among our many great properties. We have a great selection of Big Bear vacation rentals, and we’re happy to help you choose the best one for your getaway.

Bare couple feet by the cozy fireplace. Man and Woman relaxes by warm fire with a cup of hot drink and warming up her feet. Close up on feet. Winter and Christmas holidays conceptVisiting Big Bear this time of year is sure to be a hit with the entire family. The slopes are great and there are plenty of local activities for you to enjoy both on and off the slopes. And if you’re not going for the skiing, our luxury cabins and estates are great for just relaxing and recharging your batteries.  Stay up late relaxing in front of the fireplace, and sleep as late as you want in the morning without setting an alarm.  Each of our cabins has a fully equipped kitchen, so you can cook up a great breakfast and greet the day with a steaming cup of hot coffee made exactly the way you want it.  And no need to wait for a booth or tip the server.

While Big Bear is our most popular destination, you can also enjoy some quality time in our other great luxury vacation rentals:  Nuevo Vallarta, Mammoth Mountain, Park City, Southern California Beaches, and La Quinta. With Five Star Vacation Rentals, you can be assured that your vacation time will be a time of true relaxation and enjoyment for your family.  We recognize that most families today get precious little vacation time, and we work hard to help make sure your time away will be memorable and meaningful. Our staff is ready to answer your questions and help you put together a great vacation.  Give us a call 310-780-3411.

How About a Big Bear Vacation Rental For Thanksgiving?

thansgivingDinnerIt’s just about that time again.  We’re filling our cupboards with candy, and it will soon be replaced with Thanksgiving fixins.  It’s always busier, but it’s a fun kind of busy.  We get to spend time planning to see those we love, and enjoy relaxing around good food while we marvel how all our kids seem so much bigger than we remember.

At Five Star Vacation Rentals, it’s also a very busy time of year, but we may well enjoy it more than most.  In addition to planning get togethers for our own families, we get to help our guests make their preparations as well.  The holidays offer a great opportunity to gather up family from all across the fruited plain, so you can create a truly special time.  This is one of the great advantages of planning your holiday with a Big Bear vacation rental from Five Star Vacation Rentals.  Instead of fighting with the headache of foldaway beds strewn around living room floors and renting rooms at various motels both near and far, you can reserve one of our luxurious Big Bear cabins or estates to house them all.

Portrait of a family saying grace before eating dinnerIf you’ve never actually done this, it’s an experience you’ll find easy to enjoy.  All our cabins come fully equipped with the cookware and linens you’ll need, so mom avoids those midnight sessions in the laundry room prepping for the influx of relatives.  And since you’re all staying in a luxury cabin, there’s no worry about the kids bumping into strangers in the hall.  The only people down the hall during this holiday will be the ones you brought with you.  It also makes for a great morning together.  Instead of marshalling the troops to find a restaurant with questionable food and unquestionable wait times, you can all just filter into the kitchen of your vacation rental.  Many of our properties have dining space for a dozen or more, and we also have a number of adjacent properties.  With a little planning, you can assemble a getaway for 20 or more.

The holidays fill up quickly, so be sure to book your getaway early.  You can search for our available properties at this link:

Check out all of our Big Bear vacation rentals at this link.  And if you’re in the mood for a getaway elsewhere, follow these links to view our other properties in Park City Southern California BeachesMammoth Mountain, and Villa la Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.  A well planned holiday away in a Five Star Vacation Rental cabin or estate will recharge your batteries and equip the entire family for the challenges back at home.   Call us today at 310-800-5454, and we’ll help you plan the vacation of a lifetime.

Big Bear Vacation Rental: Slope Side at Bear Mountain

ClubViewHD_27When your family decides to plan a vacation getaway, what are the most important elements?  It varies a bit from family to family, but there are some common features that pretty much every family wants. In this week’s blog, we’re featuring our Big Bear vacation rental, “Slope Side at Bear Mountain,” and we’re sure it’ll hit the mark for even the most demanding members of your family.

For starters, it’s located in Big Bear — our number one vacation destination.  Big Bear has more to offer for a vacation rental than you can possibly experience in a single weekend or even a full week’s vacation.  As the winter approaches, winter sports start taking center stage, and our Cabin #1 is ideally situated to take ClubViewHD_46full advantage of the snow activities.  It’s just a 2 minute walk to the slopes at Bear Mountain.  Can you imagine rolling out of bed, enjoying a nice breakfast with your family, and then walking a couple minutes to a great day skiing? For many of our guests, it’s a dream come true.  And this cabin is ideal for extended family and friends. It has room for up to 13 guests, and a big 7 person spa to relax after your day on the slopes.  It has 4 bedrooms and three baths with a set of bunk beds the kids will enjoy.  It’s also a short drive into The Village, so you can spend some of your downtime shopping and enjoying the local cuisine. But we think you’ll have the best time just relaxing in this Big Bear Vacation Rental.

ClubViewHD_33But you may choose to take all your meals in once you get a look at the fully-equipped kitchen.  You’ll find everything you need to create wonderful meals.  And since you run the kitchen, you get to choose your favorite foods cooked exactly the way you want.  Best of all, there’s no waiting for a free table in a loud restaurant, and there’s no need to tip the staff (unless the kids help out, and you want to reward them!). It’s a wonderful family time in a beautiful home nestled amid the trees adjacent to the slopes.

View more photos and details at this link.  You can book online, or give us a call at 310-780-3411 for more details on this or any of our other Big Bear vacation rentals.  At Five Star Vacation Rentals, we’re dedicated to offering the best quality cabins and estates, so you can just relax and feel pampered during your stay with us.  We strive to make sure the hardest part of your visit will be when you have to pack up and go back home.